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How To Combine PDF Files On Mac: Sierra & El Capitan

The good news is you don't need to download anything to combine PDF files on Mac OS X Sierra or El Capitan. With your Mac's Preview tool, you can merge PDFs for free. Preview is a surprisingly powerful little t...
macbook repair near me cover

How To Find Apple Authorized Service Providers

If you need to repair your Mac, MacBook or indeed any Apple device, you need to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). To find the closest Apple Authorized Service Provider, if you're in the US just ...
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How To Uninstall Office 2016 For Mac

If you've simply had enough of Office 2016 crashing on your Mac or just want to completely remove it, here's how to fully uninstall Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. Office 2016 is a huge package taking up more th...
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How To Run Visio On Mac

Although there are some excellent Visio for Mac alternatives there are a few ways to run Visio on Mac. Here we look at two of the easiest and most effective ways - by using Parallels or Microsoft Azure RemoteAp...
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How To Roll Back An Office Update On Mac

There's nothing worse than updating Microsoft Office and finding that it breaks Office or causes crashes but it's actually easy to roll back an Office update on Mac. However, you need to make sure that you were...

Skype For Business For Mac: How To Get It

You can now finally download Skype For Business For Mac. The final version was released late on 26th October 2016 although Microsoft slipped it out quietly overnight as there was no official announcement until ...
el capitan quicktime plugin not working

El Capitan QuickTime Plugin Fix

Some users have been experiencing a problem with El Capitan not working with QuickTime Plugins in Safari and Firefox, often with a "MISSING PLUG-IN" error such as the one below.And you may receive an error mess...

How To Uninstall Java From El Capitan & Sierra

Java is one of the most confusing and frustrating add-ons for Mac and here we show you the easiest way to uninstall Java from El Capitan & Sierra. The truth is, there's actually no way to fully remove Java ...

How To Install Java On El Capitan & Sierra

Macs do not include Java by default so you have to download and install Java on El Capitan & Sierra separately. One of the most common problems users have after upgrading to El Capitan or Sierra is an error...
mail crashing el capitan 2

El Capitan Mail Problems: 10 Ways To Fix Them

There are still various El Capitan Mail issues that some people are having including mail not sending in El Capitan, mail not being received and many more frustrating bugs. On October 21st Apple released the El...

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