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crossover summer sale 2024

Summer Sale: Get 30% Off Crossover To Run Windows App & Games

If you want to run Windows only games or apps on your Mac, then Codeweavers are currently offering 30% off Crossover for Mac when you enter coupon code MM2024 at checkout.

We ranked Crossover for Mac as the best way to play Windows only games on a Mac and unlike virtual machines, it doesn’t even require you to install Windows to do so.

Instead it uses a compatibility layer that translates PC games and apps to work “on-the-fly” in macOS.

The offer includes both Crossover+ and Crossover Life and the timing of it coincides with Steam’s Summer Sale too so its the perfect chance to grab yourself a Windows game that you’ve been wanting to play on your Mac.

Before you buy though, don’t forget to make sure that the game works with Crossover by checking the compatibility center first.

You can try Crossover for FREE here and if you like it, simply enter coupon code MM2024 when you checkout to get the discount.

You can also read our full Crossover review for more on what it can do.

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