If you’re finding that Kindle For Mac won’t open anymore, the solution is usually a case of reinstalling it via the Mac App Store. Sometimes after an update to OS X, you may find that the Kindle For Mac app bounces in the dock for a few seconds and then disappears without opening. Or you may get the following “Kindle quit unexpectedly” error message.

kindle for mac won't open error

The solution is simply to fully delete the Kindle app from your Dock and then reinstall Kindle for Mac from the Mac App Store. Don’t worry – you won’t lose your library of books or documents as they will be re-synced as soon as you sign-in again with your Amazon account.

What To Do If Kindle For Mac Won’t Open

Here’s how to fix Kindle For Mac if it’s stopped working:

1. Drag the Kindle icon in your Dock to the Trash bin situated on the far right of the Dock. Hold down the Ctrl key, click on the Trash and select Empty Trash.

kindle for mac won't open


2. Then simply re-download Kindle For Mac from the Mac App Store.

kindle not opening on mac

If for any reason you can’t access the App Store, you can also download Kindle directly from Amazon. You just have to enter your email address on the Amazon Kindle Download Page and Amazon will send you link so you can directly download the latest version of Kindle on your Mac.kindle for mac download

Finally if this doesn’t work, don’t panic. If you simply can’t get Kindle working on your Mac with the desktop app, then you can always use the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader instead. The Cloud Reader is the Kindle Web App and allows you to access your Amazon Kindle books from any device with a web browser including your Mac. All you need is you Amazon.com email address and password.

kindle cloud reader on mac

We hope this helped you get Kindle working on your Mac again but if you’re still struggling let us know in the comments below.

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