How To Find Kindle For Mac Page Numbers

You can read Kindle books on your Mac thanks to Amazon’s Kindle App but the Kindle for Mac page numbers system can be a bit confusing. The reason is because it depends on whether the book you are reading includes page numbers as a feature. Strange as it sounds, not all Kindle books do. Kindles use a text location based system for navigating books and the real pages numbers that appear in the print version are not always included as an option. Here’s how to find if your book supports page numbers and how to show them on Kindle For Mac.

The best way to check if a book includes the page number feature is by checking the Kindle Edition product detail page on the Amazon website. As you can see below, next to the “Length” bullet point, it will indicate whether the book has real pages with a note such as: “Contains real page numbers based on the print edition (ISBN 0307588378)”:

kindle for mac - page numbers

To then show the real page numbers on Kindle for Mac:

1. Open the book on your Kindle and press the Kindle Menu buttonkindle for mac page numbers - kindle mac menu

2. Change the View Style at the bottom of the book from Location or Reading Progress to Page Numbers

3. You’ll then be able to see page numbers on your Kindle next to the Location at the bottom of the screen:

kindle for mac - page numbers bar

If you have any problems or questions finding the page numbers on your Kindle, let us know in the comments below. If your Kindle won’t open on your Mac, you need to send documents to your Kindle or you’re having any other problems, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. MacHow2

    hi, I have the latest edition of the kindle app on a new iPad. I followed your instructions however I do not have view style option. I can only figure out how to change the location to reading speed. Amazon tells me there are 700 pages in this book but I can’t make that information show up on my device.

    any help would be appreciated.


    • MacHow2

      Hi Elizabeth, These instructions are for the Mac kindle app which differs from the iOS app on iPad. However, if you open a page on the Kindle iPad app and then simply tap once anywhere on the page, you should see some information appear at the bottom of the screen such as the percentage of book remaining. If you tap slightly to the right of the left hand corner where this information appears, you should be able to toggle page numbers on and off. Hope this video helps you if you have any problems.

  2. MacHow2

    I have the latest version of Kindle for Mac and I also do not see the View Style option. I can only change the location. If there’s any other way to get the page numbers, the help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • MacHow2
      Jerry Shenk

      I know that I had page numbers before Christmas because I entered an errata for a firewall book I’m studying. After some vacation and some catch-up work, I’m back in the same book now and I can’t get to page numbers. I don’t know if I accidentally bumped something or if an upgrade came out that took them away.

      BTW, I know that lots of people think I don’t need page numbers…I appreciate that YOU don’t need them.

  3. MacHow2

    Frustrating for me, too. I can see the page numbers on my Kindle Paperwhite but not on the Kindle for Mac.

  4. MacHow2

    Ingram I cannot see my page numbers after following your steps. I am writing a paper and I have downloaded several amazon books to my macbook pro because they had the ability to see page numbers but I cannot see any page numbers. Please advise.


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