If you want to send documents to Kindle For Mac then you need to use a free easy to use Amazon service called Send To Kindle. This works for any kind of document including those in .mobi format. Here’s how to send personal documents to Kindle on your Mac.

How To Send Documents To Kindle For Mac

1. Download and install Send To Kindle For Mac (requires OS X 10.6+)

2. Enter your Amazon account details to register Send To Kindle:send personal documents kindle mac

There are then three different ways to send documents to your Kindle:

1. Drag and drop them into the Send to Kindle app. You can also drag it into the Send To Kindle Dock icon:

send personal documents kindle mac
2. Use the Print option in any app. Just go to Print and then change the Printer to Send To Kindle:

import personal document kindle for mac
3. Ctrl click on a document on your Mac, select Services and then and Send to Kindle:

kindle for mac - send to kindle finder

Whichever option you choose, you’ll then be prompted to add a Title and Author to your document before uploading. You can also choose whether you want the document to be saved to Amazon Cloud Drive.

send to kindle for mac

Simple as that. When you’re ready, click Send and your document will be then accessible on your Kindle device on your Mac.

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