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About Us

MacHow2 is a team of dedicated Mac enthusiasts that have been helping users get the most out of their Mac since 2013. We feature reviews, tutorials and roundups of the very best software and hardware for macOS and Mac computers.

Here we explain how we choose apps that go in our “best” roundups of Mac software and hardware.

How We Select Apps & Hardware On MacHow2

When we identify an area of software of hardware we want to cover, we look at what Mac users want and what options are available to them.

This can be anything from the best project management software for Mac users to the best all in-one-printers for Mac.

We look at things like Mac compatibility, desktop apps, integration with macOS and also consider reviews (such as on the Mac App Store) from other users.

We then narrow things down to only select the best software or hardware for Mac users.

We also sometimes consider requests that come in directly from developers to look at their app or hardware.

We use the apps or hardware just as a real user would and make notes along the way that we then compare at the end of our testing.

We aim to inform users what it’s like to use that particular software or hardware with a Mac and what the overall user experience is like.

Our editorial independence is never influenced by developers or vendors and we continually re-evaluate our selections to take into account new versions, improvements and new products.

How Do We Make Money?

We strictly limit the amount of advertising on MacHow2 in order to provide a much better user experience. No one likes a website that bombards you with banner ads, video ads and popups that get in the way of content.

MacHow2 does however use affiliate links to stores such as Amazon and other affiliate programs run by software developers.

If you like any of the software or hardware we’ve reviewed and go on to purchase something, we receive a small commission.

For more on this, check our advertising disclosure.

If you’d like to get your Mac product or hardware reviewed, please contact us via the form below or send an email directly to sales AT and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.