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gantt chart software mac - cover

13 Best Gantt Chart Software For Mac in 2020

Gantt charts are an incredibly effective way of managing time, teams and projects so we've taken a look at the best Gantt chart software for Mac to keep you on track. Gantt charts are so effective at helping...
visio for ipad alternatives cover

7 Best Visio Alternatives For iPad

More and more people need to draw diagrams on the move and the best tool for doing that is on a tablet. Using a pen on a tablet is far easier and feels more natural than using a mouse to draw process flows, flo...
employee monitoring software cover

11 Best Employee Monitoring Software For Mac & PC

To get the most out of your workforce, you need to monitor where their time is being spent. The only way to do that effectively is with employee monitoring software. Especially as more workers begin to work ...
check printing software mac cover

Top 3 Check Printing Software For Mac

Payment by check might seem outdated nowadays but a lot of businesses still need to issue checks on a daily basis. Although most check printing solutions are Windows-based, here we've looked at the best check p...
best project management software mac desktops cover

11 Best Mac Desktop Alternatives To Microsoft Project

Although the best alternatives to Microsoft Project for Mac are all Cloud based nowadays, there are still some desktop project management software options out there on macOS. It's important to be aware that ...
best vpn for mac cover

10 Best VPNs For Mac of 2020

Whether you want to protect your data and privacy online or access websites that are restricted in your region, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is definitely your best option. But choosing the best VPN softw...
best istock alternative cover

12 Best Stock Photo Sites For 2020 (Free & Paid)

Images are crucial when it comes to getting your message across or making an impact on readers. Images, videos or other creative assets are usually the first thing a user sees when someone lands on your site...
best dictation software for mac cover

Best Dictation Software For Mac of 2020

Why spend hours typing when you can dictate texts in less than half the time? Speech recognition technology can save you time, money and stress so we've taken a look at the very best dictation software for Mac ...
top digital cameras for macs cover

10 Best Digital Cameras For Mac of 2020

When it comes to digital cameras, there are definitely some that work better with Macs and fit the Apple aesthetic than others. We decided to narrow down the field and take a look at the best digital cameras co...

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