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Best Software

accounting software for mac - cover

5 Best Free Accounting Software For Mac of 2021

If you're a freelancer, sole-proprietor or small to medium sized business, we've taken a look at the best free accounting software for Mac users in 2021. If you're here looking for free personal or home acco...
free landscape design software mac

5 Best Free Landscape Design Software For Mac

Although you're not going to be able to do a professional job of redesigning a home or yard with free software, we've taken a look at the best free landscape design tools for Mac users. Free landscaping apps...
best joystick for x plane - cover

Best Joysticks For X-Plane

X-Plane is one of the best flight simulators out there but it's even better when you add real life flight controls to your X-Plane setup. Although you can add anything from Radio Panels to Rudder Pedals, mos...
macs good for trading - cover

6 Reasons Why Macs Are Great For Trading

If you're thinking about getting into stock trading, day trading or crypto trading on your Mac, then you may wonder whether Macs or MacBooks are good for trading stocks or day trading. The good news is the a...
forex trading software mac - cover

5 Best Forex Trading Software For Mac of 2021

If you want to trade forex on your Mac successfully, you need the right tools to help identify the most profitable trades. Although we think Macs are the best computers for traders, there's less Mac compatib...
tradingview vs mt4 cover

10 Reasons TradingView Is Better Than MT4

MetaTrader is the most widely used forex trading software for trading forex. However, it's an increasingly dated application and we think that TradingView offers a much better alternative in 2020. This is es...
gantt chart software mac - cover

15 Best Gantt Chart Software For Mac in 2021

Gantt charts are an essential part of any project management software so we've taken a look at the best Gantt chart software for Mac to keep you on track. Gantt charts are so effective at helping plan projec...
visio ipad alternatives

7 Best Visio Alternatives For iPad

More and more people need to draw diagrams with Visio on the move and the best tool for doing that is with a drawing tablet such as the iPad. Using a pen on a tablet is far easier and feels more natural than...

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