gotomeeting review mac - cover

GoToMeeting Review: Video Conferencing For Macs

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing software that makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues remotely and work from home. In this review, we take a look at how you can use GoToMeeting to work from home eff...
freshbooks review cover

FreshBooks Review: Accounting Made Easy For All

FreshBooks was ranked our number one accounting software for Mac users and in this review, we look at what makes it such an easy to use yet powerful accounting solution. If you're relatively new to accountin...
akitio node pro review cover

Akitio Node Pro Review: An eGPU With Style

The Akitio Node Pro made our top list of the best Mac compatible eGPU units and in this review, we see what it can do and how it compares the baseline Akitio Node eGPU. The Akitio Node Pro eGPU is the more a...
akitio node review - cover

Akitio Node Review: Thunderbolt 3 eGPU For Macs

The Akitio Node made our top list of eGPUs for Mac and in this review we take a closer look at this value for money eGPU. The Akitio Node packs a punch both in terms of price and performance specs. For less ...
quickbooks for mac review - cover

QuickBooks For Mac 2020 Review

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks is still one of the most well known packages out there. Although it now faces strong competition from other Cloud based accounting apps, it's still one of the be...
swift publisher review cover

Swift Publisher For Mac: Slick & Easy DTP Software

Many people that switch to Mac from PC are surprised that Microsoft Publisher for Mac isn't available and Swift Publisher For Mac has filled this gap very well indeed. Swift Publisher is made specifically fo...
logmein review cover

LogMeIn For Mac Review: Access Your Mac Anywhere

LogMeIn For Mac and PC was rated our best remote desktop app for individuals on Mac and this review, we take a look at what it can do. LogMeIn for Mac is a powerful remote desktop solution ideal for everyone...
efax review

eFax Review: Faxing Made Easy From Mac & PC

With fax machines dying out, online faxing is taking over and eFax is now one of the most popular ways to send faxes from both Mac and PC. eFax allows you to send faxes from any computer or mobile device inc...
knack review cover

Knack Review: Databases Made Incredibly Easy

Knack is an easy to use database management app that requires no coding knowledge to setup powerful databases on Mac and PC. Knack is elegant, simple to use yet still powerful. In our opinion, among the no-c...
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Adobe InDesign Review: Desktop Publisher For Mac & PC

Adobe InDesign is our favorite Desktop Publishing software on Mac and our top rated alternative to Microsoft Publisher on Mac. Nowadays, far more professional designers, writers and publishers use InDesign f...