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How To

play apex legends on mac - cover

How To Play Apex Legends On Mac

Unfortunately, there's no version of Apex Legends for Mac but the good news is, there is an easy to play it on a Mac. As long as you have an iMac from late 2012 onwards or a MacBook Pro from mid 2012 onwards...
watch super bowl 2019 uk

How To Watch Super Bowl 2019 In The UK (Mac or PC)

If you're in the UK or anywhere outside the USA, the good news is there's an easy way to watch Super Bowl 2019 online. Super Bowl 2019 takes place on Sunday February 3rd at 6.30p.m. EST and will be streamed ...
convert oxps document mac cover

3 Easy Ways To Open OXPS Files On Mac

If you need to open an OXPS file on your Mac, here's three incredibly easy ways to do so. Sometimes Windows-based colleagues or users may send you an OXPS document which can't be opened natively on macOS. Th...
share vpn on mac cover

How To Share A VPN Connection On Mac

Using a VPN is the best way to ensure your privacy online or watch content that's blocked in your region. There are lots of excellent VPN services for Mac users nowadays and the great thing is, you can easily s...
open outlook msg emails mac cover

8 Ways To Open Outlook MSG Files On Mac

If you need to open an Outlook email or attachment in MSG format, there are various ways to do so. The frustrating thing about the Windows version Microsoft Outlook is that it generates MSG files that can't eve...

How To Type A Check Mark On Mac

If you're going crazy trying to work out how to type a simple check mark or tick symbol on your Mac, don't stress. Unfortunately there's no dedicated key for typing check marks on Mac keyboards but there are a ...
draw flowchart org chart mac pages

How To Make Org Charts & Flowcharts In Pages

To draw professional looking org charts and flowcharts you really need dedicated organizational chart software or flowchart software on your Mac. However, you can also make basic org charts and flowcharts fo...
type @ on mac us keyboard

How To Type @ On Mac Keyboards

If you've just got yourself a new Mac, you might be tearing your hair out trying to work out where the @ key or "at" sign is. The reason for this is it depends on the country you bought your Mac in and in some ...
convert pdf mac free - cover

How To Easily Convert PDF Files On Mac For Free

PDFs are a difficult format to work with especially if you need to convert a PDF on Mac to formats such as Word or Excel. Although you can view PDFs on Mac with macOS Preview, it's very limited when it comes to...
foxtel app for mac not working - live tv

Foxtel App For Mac Not Working Fix

If you're a Foxtel subscriber and been finding that the Foxtel app for Mac is not working, there's a simple fix. Unfortunately the Foxtel Go app for Mac hasn't been updated in a long time and is only compatible...

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