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santize clean mac keyboard

How To Clean & Sanitize Your Mac

The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted how quickly harmful germs can spread so here we take a quick look at the best way to fully clean and sanitize your Mac. Keyboards and touch screens obviously pick up ...
zoom mac install cover

Zoom For Mac: How To Download & Install It

Zoom is a popular video conferencing software that allows you to work remotely from Mac and PC. Many Mac users have trouble installing it however as it's not on the Mac App Store so here's how to download an...
gantt chart pages for mac - cover

How To Create a Gantt Chart In Pages For Mac

Although Pages for Mac is Apple's word processing software for Mac users, you can create basic Gantt charts in it for free. Pages allows you to insert 2D Bar Charts into documents which you can tweak to make...
create gantt chart apple numbers - cover

How To Make A Gantt Chart In Apple Numbers

If you want to make a Gantt chart for free on your Mac, did you know you can create basic Gantt charts in Apple Numbers on your Mac? Gantt charts are an amazing way to plan projects, see where resources are ...
dictation macos catalina cover

How To Dictate Offline in macOS Catalina

One of the changes in macOS Catalina was the removal of the "Enhanced Dictation" feature which allowed you to dictate offline in macOS Mojave. This means that by default in Catalina, anything you dictate is ...
fill in pdf form on mac free cover

How To Edit & Sign PDF Forms For Free On Mac

PDFs are one of the most common digital document formats around but they can also be extremely frustrating to work with. If you need to quickly edit an official form in PDF format, some people think they hav...
sling for mac cover

How To Watch Sling TV On Mac

Unfortunately the official Sling TV for Mac app was discontinued in 2018 but there are now many other ways of using Sling TV on a Mac. Although Sling TV doesn't really qualify as a TV Tuner for Mac users, it...
fix a frozen mac - cover

5 Quick Ways To Fix A Frozen Mac

There's nothing worse than when your Mac locks up and freezes. Sometimes you can unlock a frozen Mac by using a few simple tricks. Here's 5 ways to unlock a Mac that's crashed or frozen. Sometimes just ...
find wifi password mac cover

3 Ways To Find A WiFi Password On Mac

If you need to find out what your WiFi password is on your Mac, here we show you 3 easy ways do so without having to check the label on your router. Retrieving your Mac's WiFi password is useful if you want ...
how choose external hard drive mac - cover

14 Top Tips To Buy & Use External Hard Drives On Macs

With Mac hard drives becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to upgrade internally, an external hard drive provides the perfect solution. However, the technology of external hard drives and the connect...

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