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microsoft visio - cover

Microsoft Visio: Everything You Need To Know

Mircrosoft Visio is the most widely used diagramming software and here we look at exactly what it can do in 2022 and what the pricing options are. Visio was first released by Shapeware Corp back in 1992 and ...
backup and restore mac time machine - cover

How To Backup & Restore A Mac With Time Machine

In our opinion, Time Machine is one of the most useful features of macOS and in this guide, we show you how to backup and restore your Mac with Apple Time Machine. As the name suggests, Time Machine is a fre...
lost ark for mac m1 - cover

How To Play Lost Ark On Mac (inc M1 Macs)

You can now play Lost Ark on Macs including M1 Macs thanks to NVIDIA GeForce Now which has now added native support for the Apple Silicon M1 chip. Lost Ark is published by Amazon but unfortunately, Amazon do...
org chart in excel - cover

How To Draw An Org Chart In Excel

If you don't have time to draw an org chart but have all the data stored in Excel or other databases, then here we show you how to draw an org chart in Microsoft Excel. To draw and org chart in Excel you hav...
hold for authentication mac - cover

5 Ways To Fix Hold For Authentication On Mac Printers

If you keep getting a "Hold For Authentication" error when trying to print from your Mac, here we look at some easy ways to fix it. When trying to print from a Mac, sometimes you'll see a print job stuck in ...