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remote access control mac - cover

5 Ways To Remotely Access & Control a Mac

With the increase in remote working during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, many people need to access a Mac remotely either in the office or outside of the home. Alternatively, you may be working away fro...
run windows m1 mac - cover

How To Run Windows on M1 Macs

If you're wondering whether the Apple Silicon M1 Mac can run Windows the good news is it can and here we show you how to install Windows on an M1 Mac for free. Although there are various ways of running Wind...
what is an org chart - cover

What Is An Organizational Chart?

An organizational chart, also called an organigram or organogram, shows the hierarchies and structures in a company to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of its members. The meaning or purpose of ...
tally for mac - cover

4 Ways To Run Tally on a Mac

Although there is no version of the accounting software Tally for Mac there are still ways to run Tally on a Mac. Here we show you the different ways to use Tally on a Mac including MacBook Air and MacBook Pro....
valheim for mac - cover

2 Ways To Play Valheim on Mac (inc. M1 Macs)

Valheim hasn't been released for Mac but there are still a few options to play Valheim on a Mac. Valheim is a viking inspired brutal survival and exploration game for up to 10 players that sold more than a m...
enscape for mac - cover

How To Run Enscape on Mac

Enscape is a powerful 3D real time rendering and virtual reality software that isn't available for macOS but there is a way to run Enscape on a Mac. With VR on Mac now starting to develop and eGPU's for Mac ...
control alt delete on mac - cover

Ctrl Alt Delete On Mac: 5 Ways To Force Quit Apps

If you've just switched to a Mac from Windows then you may be wondering what's the equivalent of control alt delete on a Mac to force quit an application that has crashed. If you're on a deadline with a work...
netflix for mac - cover

4 Ways To Watch Netflix Offline On Mac

Although there's no Netflix app for Mac, you can still watch Netflix offline on a Mac or download Netflix videos with a few workarounds. There are also ways to record Netflix shows and films in macOS althoug...
apple airprint - cover

How To Print Using Apple AirPrint

Apple AirPrint is a convenient feature of iOS and macOS that allows you to print simply by connecting to any WiFi connection with a printer connected to it. The great thing about AirPrint is there's no need ...

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