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Advertising Disclosure

MacHow2 strictly limits the amount of advertising on the site to provide a better user experience for our readers.

Our revenue mainly comes from affiliate links to retailers such as Amazon and software developers.

Why We Limit The Use of Ads

We hate sites that bombard you with banners, video ads and popups from the second you land on the page and we’re sure you do too.

That’s why very few of our pages have advertisements on them. We also do not use ads on most pages because we don’t want to have a conflict of interest between the advertisers and the products we review.

We also want a clean, easy to navigate site where the focus is on the content, not the ads.

Editorial Independence

MacHow2 provides independent reviews of Mac related software and hardware. Vendors and developers have no influence over scores or opinions expressed on the site.

MacHow2 does however receive compensation from vendors and developers via link clicks and commissions on sales where available via affiliate links.

For more on how we choose software and hardware on MacHow2, click here.


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