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How To Find Apple Authorized Service Providers

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If you need to repair your Mac, MacBook or indeed any Apple device, you need to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). To find the closest Apple Authorized Service Provider to you, if you’re in the US just use the USA Apple Service Provider site. All other countries can use the Apple Find Locations site to select which country you are in and find the nearest Apple certified repair center. You can book an appointment for the nearest MacBook repair near you – or for any Apple product – either online or by phoning the store nearest to you.

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How Do I Find A MacBook Repair Center Near Me?

Follow these instruction to find the nearest Apple repair or sales center nearest you.

  • If you’re in the USA, to find the Service Provider closest to you, use the Apple Service Provider Locator. If you’re in any other country, use the Apple Find Locations tool.
  • Even if you just need to repair your Mac or Apple device, click on Sales first. If you click on Service, it takes much longer to find a Service provider near you because it takes you to Apple Online Support. This will try to solve your problem online and ask you to sign-in with your Apple ID before it will finally reveal which repair store is closest to you.

Apple Authorized Service Provider - service

  • Enter Your Zip Code and Product:

Apple Authorized Service Provider - location

  • Click “Go” and you’ll then see a map with the AASP’s closest to you. Click on one to reveal the exact address, telephone number and website. Apple Store means that it’s an official Apple store. Premium means it’s an Apple Premium Reseller and is officially affiliated and authorized by Apple.

Apple Authorized Service Provider - map

  • Apple has slightly changed the way to make an appointment at a Genius Bar. It used to be possible at this stage to make an appointment directly but it now tries to solve your problem online before it will allow you to schedule an appointment at a Genius Bar. Click on one of the Apple Authorized Service Providers and click on View Store Details.

apple service provider near me locations

  • You’ll then be taken to the Store page where you’ll see a picture of the store, opening hours, address, phone number and a link for driving directions. You can simply call to make an appointment for a Mac Service or Repair or you can make an appointment online.

apple store location

To make an appointment online, scroll down the page to see a section for “Genius Bar and Support”. If you’ve got a Software issue click on Connect Now. If it’s a hardware issue, click on Set up a repair.

genius bar appointment mac

Whichever option you try, it will try to auto-solve your problem online first by taking you through some steps and suggestions.

apple support

It used to be possible to select “Service Requests & Troubleshooting” to book an appointment but now you have to go through a series of online solutions and suggestions first. If no solution can be found, only then will it let you book an appointment to see a repair technician.

genius bar appointment online

Note that if you want to Schedule a Call, you need to have your Mac serial number handy which you can find by going to the Apple logo in the top left of your screen and selecting “About This Mac”.

If you choose Chat or Bring in for Repair, you’ll also need to have an Apple ID and password ready.

This is how to find a certified MacBook or Apple repair dealer near to you to get your Mac or any other Apple device working again.

If you have any questions, or can’t find an official Apple dealer or technician near you, let is know in the comments below and we’ll try to help.

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