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Best Software

microsoft project vs project online cover

Microsoft Project vs Project Online

Since Microsoft Project for Mac is not available, many Mac users think that they can use Microsoft Project Online as an alternative. However as we explain here, Microsoft Project Online is not the same as Mi...
photo scanner mac - cover

5 Best Photo Scanners For Mac of 2022

If you want to know which photo scanners are most compatible with Macs, we've looked at the best photo scanners for Mac of 2022. Although some all-in-one printers and document scanners can also scan photos, ...
best document scanner mac - cover

5 Best Document Scanners For Mac of 2022

If you're looking for the best Mac compatible document scanners, we've looked at the best document scanners for Mac of 2022. Although many all-in-one-printers also include a scanner, the performance and qual...
scheduling software mac

7 Best Scheduling Software For Mac of 2022

Scheduling software helps keep you on top of your bookings and appointments so we've looked at the best appointment scheduling and booking software for Mac in 2022. In these reviews, we've ranked the best sc...
how to sign document online - cover

7 Best Ways To Sign PDFs On Mac, iPhone & iPad

Nowadays, being able to sign a document electronically is essential for businesses so here we show you the best ways to sign a PDF on a Mac, iPhone or iPad without having to print it and sign it by hand. eSi...

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