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Some users have been experiencing a problem with El Capitan not working with QuickTime Plugins in Safari and Firefox, often with a “MISSING PLUG-IN” error such as the one below.el capitan quicktime plugin not workingAnd you may receive an error message in Safari saying:

This webpage has content that requires the “QuickTime” plug-in.

el capitan quicktime plugin problem

If you click on “More Info…” it just takes you to a generic page saying that QuickTime is built into Mac OS X.

It seems the problem here is that for some reason, El Capitain disabled QuickTime by default in OS X and you have to manually reactivate it again. Here’s how to fix it.

El Capitan QuickTime Plugin Not Working Fix

Go to your user Library folder by going to Macintosh HD/Internet Plugins/Disabled Plug-Ins. You must then remove the file QuickTime plugin.plugin from the Disabled Plugins folder and move it one folder up into the Internet Plugins folder. Once done, make sure that no copy of it remains in the Disabled Plug-Ins folder and if it does, just delete it.

Restart Safari and QT files will display again in El Capitan.

Exactly why Apple decided to disable it’s own media plugin QuickTime in Safari isn’t clear but it’s probably an indication that Apple plans to drop support for QuickTime completely in future versions of OS X as video streaming moves increasingly towards HTML5. Some plugins are increasingly disabled by default in Google Chrome due to security issues although it’s hard to imagine that Apple would deem their own QuickTime plugin a security threat!

If you have any problems with how to fix QuickTime in OS X 10.11, let us know in the comments below.

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6 Responses

  1. MacHow2
    michael willman

    There is no Quicktime plug-in in the disabled internet plug-ins folder or the internet plug-ins folder. What now?

    • MacHow2

      There are two Library folders on your Mac and you need to be in the root Library folder following the instructions above.

  2. MacHow2

    In the main text, your explanation of the location of the disabled Quicktime plugin is wrong. It’s actually:
    YourVolumeName > Library > Internet Plug-Ins > Disabled Plug-Ins

    An easier way, in my opinion, for people to properly move the disabled plugin up one level to the right directory is with the following command, copy/pasted into your Terminal:

    sudo mv /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/QuickTime\ Plugin.plugin/ /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/

    Because of the ‘sudo’ prepended to that command, you will be asked for your password. Enter it at the prompt–nothing will be reflected back as you type it, so just type it blind and hit Return.

    • MacHow2

      Thanks for the clarification – the instructions have been updated to make them clearer regarding how to access the Library folder. Many newer Mac users aren’t comfortable or familiar with Terminal but we’ve added your recommended method too.


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