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Why GTA 6 Won’t Be Released For Mac (But Might Still Be Playable)

The long awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer has been released early due to a leak but the big question for Mac users is, will GTA VI be released for Mac when it comes out in 2025?

Rockstar Games has never released a version of GTA for Mac so its very unlikely it will break the mould with GTA 6.

At the moment, it doesn’t even look like GTA 6 will even be released for Windows PCs so most methods of playing Windows only games on a Mac won’t apply either.

However the one glimmer of hope for Mac users is that GTA 6 will be released for Xbox Series S/X and that means, it should eventually be released for Xbox Cloud – which can be used on a Mac.

Xbox Cloud is Microsoft’s Cloud gaming platform for Xbox games and can be used in any browser on a Mac as long as you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and an Xbox controller.

This is currently the best way Mac users can play Starfield for example even though the game hasn’t been released for macOS either.

Its highly unlikely that GTA VI will be released on Xbox Cloud on the day of release because normally, most AAA releases of this size are only available as a digital download.

However, usually most (although not all) AAA games that are released for Xbox eventually make it onto Xbox Cloud.

This is exactly what happened with GTA V which is currently playable on a Mac in Xbox Cloud.

gta on mac - xbox cloud
GTA V in Xbox Cloud on a Mac.

This could take some time though and don’t be surprised to wait anything up to a year or more before GTA 6 is available to play on a Mac in Xbox Cloud.

In the meantime, all anyone can do is watch the trailer of GTA 6 and dream – until 2025 at least.

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