If you can’t remove the Flashmall icon from your Mac’s Launchpad, then here’s a simple way to get rid of it. Flashmall is a type of adware that you must first remove from your system with AdwareMedic but the Launchpad icon is usually left behind. Normally you can click and hold on Launchpad items until they shake and then click the “x” that appears to delete them but this does not work with Flashmall. Using a simple tool called Launchpad manager however, you can complete the Flashmall removal process by using it to get rid of the Flashmall icon on your Mac too. Here’s how to easily uninstall the Flashmall icon from Launchpad.

How To Remove Flashmall Icon From Launchpad

1. Download and install Launchpad Manager for OS X 10.10 Yosemite or Launchpad Manager for OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or OS X 10.9 Mavericks depending on which version of OS X you are using. Open it and it will reveal your Launchpad icons. You can use the arrow on the right hand side to scroll through all of your Launchpad icons. When you click on an Icon, such as TextEdit in this case, Launchpad Manager highlights it:remove flashmall icon from launchpad mac

2. To remove Flashmall from it, simply find the Flashmall icon and click on it:how to remove flashmall icon from dock3. And then click on the Remove button at the top of Launchpad Manager:remove flashmall icon launchpad - remove buttonThe Flashmall icon will now be permanently removed from your Launchpad.

As stated earlier, this will not remove the Flashmall adware itself from your Mac – it only uninstalls the icon from your Launchpad. To remove the actual Flashmall adware and any other adware that may be on your Mac, we strongly recommend using AdwareMedic which we reviewed here.

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