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If you need to open an Outlook email or attachment in MSG format, there are various ways to do so. The frustrating thing about the Windows version Microsoft Outlook is that it generates MSG files that can’t even be opened by Outlook on Mac.

The good news is that this annoying situation can be solved easily thanks to several different solutions.

The most effective long term solution is to install Windows on your Mac using a tool like Parallels but there are also other simpler tools that you can use.

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Here are 8 ways to open MS Outlook messages on a Mac.

1. MSG Viewer for Outlook

MSG Viewer is a simple but effective app which can instantly open Outlook messages on a Mac. MSG Viewer for Outlook supports batch processing of files and conversion of Outlook MSG contacts in VCF format.

Once installed, MSG Viewer opens your emails in a basic Outlook style interface which feels like using Microsoft Outlook on your Mac.

msg viewer outlook mac

The free version only converts selected parts of MSG files – you need to upgrade to the full version for $18.99 to get full conversion of messages and batch processing. You can see a full comparison between the free and paid version below.

open msg files on mac - msg viewer

You can download MSG Viewer for Outlook on Mac either directly from the developer or from the Mac App Store.

2. Outlook.com

One really easy solution is to simply email the file as an attachment to an Outlook.com email address (formerly Hotmail and Windows Live Mail). Outlook has a built-in MSG viewer.

outlook open msg on mac

3. MsgViewer

MsgViewer is a free way to view Outlook .MSG files on Mac. You simply drag .MSG files into the interface to open files. MsgViewer works with Outlook 2003 files and above and emails can be saved in either RTF or HTML format.

msgviewer open outlook free

The only thing to be aware of is that MsgViewer requires Java to work on Mac and we generally don’t recommend using Java on Mac for various reasons.

4. MailRaider

MailRaider can extract the text out of any MSG file although like MSGConvert, it removes the formatting from the original Outlook message.

mailraider for mac

You cannot use MailRaider to save email in MSG files since its only a reader for MSG and not an editor. You launch MailRaider by double clicking on the application icon, or by double clicking an .msg file on your Mac generated by Microsoft Outlook for Windows. If you launch it by double clicking on the application, then you will need to open the .msg file by selecting the File -> Open.

MailRaider is available in a standard and Pro version. The Pro version offers several advantages such ability to export to Contacts, calendar and PDF.

mailraider open msg outlook mails macYou can download MailRaider from the Mac App Store or directly from the developer.

5. MessageViewer Online

MessageViewer Online is an online Outlook viewer that lets you view e-mail messages in EML, MSG and winmail.dat (TNEF) formats. It can also open email file attachments but uploads are limited to 8MB. Note also that it’s not the msot secure way to open Outlook files as you have to upload mails to the cloud.

6. MSGConvert

If you know what you’re doing with PERL scripts, then take a look at MSGConvert. MSGConvert allows you to batch convert MSG files and is completely free to use. The PERL script turns all your MSG files into one MBOX file although note that the formatting in your emails will be lost.

7. Change The File Extension

If the file you need to open was not directly created by Outlook, you may be able to simply change the file extension from .MSG to .EML which will enable Apple Mail to open it. Alternatively, you can try changing the file extension to TXT and open the email in TextEdit on your Mac. This also works if you right-click or CTRL-click on the file, select Open With… and select TextEdit.

8. Install Windows on your Mac

This is the most complicated and time-consuming way to open Outlook files on your Mac but may be worth it if you use a lot of Windows only applications. Nowadays there are several ways to run Windows on a Mac but the easiest is by using a virtual machine such as Parallels. This enables you to run macOS and Windows simultaneously so that you can switch between both at any time.

As we’ve seen, there’s many ways to open Outlook emails on a Mac without Outlook. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions regarding the apps featured here, let us know in the comments below.

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