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squared on mac - cover

How To Type Squared On Mac

If you can't work out how to type the squared symbol (2) on your Mac, here's how to type a squared symbol on a Mac in the most commonly used applications including Microsoft Office, Apple Pages and Apple Mail. ...
microsoft teams for m1 mac - cover

3 Ways To Use Microsoft Teams On M1 Macs

At the moment, there's no native version of Microsoft Teams available for M1 Macs but here we show you some easy ways to use Microsoft Teams on Apple Silicon M1 chip Macs. Currently, although Microsoft Offic...
how to make genogram - cover

How To Make A Genogram

If you want to explore your family background on a deeper psychological or medical basis, you need to draw a genogram using a genogram maker. Whereas family trees mainly show the direct relationships between...
how dictate mac - cover

How To Dictate On Mac

One of the handy features of macOS is that you can dictate messages and documents on a Mac which saves time and increases productivity. The Dictation tool in macOS is simple to activate and the accuracy has ...
how to scan on mac - cover

How To Scan A Document Or Image On A Mac

If you have an all-in-one printer, document scanner or photo scanner, you don't need any additional software to scan on a Mac. You Mac can setup and perform scans on its own without needing to use any other ...
scan without scanner - cover

3 Ways To Scan Documents & Photos Without A Scanner

If you need to digitize or scan a document or photo on your computer or mobile but don't have a scanner, here we show you the best ways to scan without a scanner. Although you'll achieve the best results wit...
rosetta for mac

How To Install Rosetta On M1 Macs

macOS has a clever tool called Rosetta which "translates" Intel only apps and programs so that they work on Apple Silicon M1 Macs. However, Rosetta is not installed by default on M1 Macs and you'll only be p...
screenshot on mac - cover

3 Ways To Take A Screenshot On Mac Instantly

If you're tearing your hair out trying to work out how to take a screenshot on a Mac, here we show you the easiest ways to capture a screenshot on a Mac in 2021. If you've just switched to Mac from Windows, ...

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