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CorelCAD Discontinued & Replaced By ARES Commander

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CorelCAD for Mac and Windows has been discontinued and replaced by ARES Commander as part of Corel’s transition to the Alludo brand.

CorelCAD was one of the best CAD software for Mac and popular for its ability to work with AutoCAD files in its native DWG format.

ARES Commander is developed by German company Graebert but now distributed by Alludo.

CorelCAD was already based on the ARES engine so not much has changed in terms of the functionality but it now obviously has the ARES Commander interface and branding.

Like CorelCAD, ARES Commander also supports importing/exporting of CorelDRAW and Corel Designer graphic design software vector graphic files.

It also imports PDF files for free compared to CorelDRAW which required purchasing a plugin for PDF support.

CorelCAD users with a perpetual license are assured by Graebert that they will continue to be able to use the product and receive support “for the foreseeable future”.

However, the company is currently encouraging CorelCAD users to switch to ARES Commander and receive a 3 year ARES Commander Trinity license (Desktop, Mobile and Cloud app) for the price of 1 year ($350).

It’s also offering 3 months free technical support for CorelCAD as part of the deal although since it has already assured it will support CorelCAD for the foreseeable future, it’s not clear why this is necessary.

You can see all the differences between CorelCAD and ARES Commander here.

You can also check out some excellent alternatives to CorelCAD for Mac here.


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