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10 Top Freecell For Mac Alternatives

One of the most popular games on PC remains Freecell which is included for free in Windows but Freecell for Mac isn’t included in macOS. Mac users have to either play it online or download a version of it. The question is, which one to go for? There are several versions of Freecell for Mac available and we’ve taken a look at the best ones on macOS. Some of these are Freecell only while some of them are part of a collection of card games including games such as Klondike, Vegas Solitaire and Forty Thieves. Here then are the top 10 Freecell for Mac games in order of ranking.

1. Pretty Good Solitaire

Pretty Good Solitaire has been around for over 20 years and is one of the best solitaire games for Mac due to the sheer number of games included with it. There are an incredible 600 games and 80 bonus games in it including all the most popular variations such as Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Yukon, Scorpion, Pyramid, Cruel and more. But it also includes many games designed just for Pretty Good Solitaire such as Demons and Thieves plus Aces and Kings.

best solitaire for mac - pretty good solitaire

You can undo and redo moves, automatically save games, choose 5 different card sizes for those with poor vision and there are a mind boggling 2 billion starting positions for each game. If you think you’ve seen every variation of solitaire, try Pretty Good Solitaire and you’re sure to find a game you’ve never seen before.

2. Solitaire Till Dawn

As the name suggests, Solitaire Til Dawn is a collection of card games for hardcore solitaire fans who just can’t get enough. There are over 100 card games to choose from, including of course Freecell, with clear descriptions of how to play each one, rules and tips for being a better player. Solitaire Til Dawn does cost $9.99 from the Mac App Store but it’s well worth it as there are so many solitaire games to try, you’re sure to find more than just Freecell to enjoy. It’s regularly updated to work with the latest versions of OS X (including Yosemite) and OS X 10.6.6+.

freecell for mac - solitaire til dawn

3. Full Deck Solitaire

Full Deck Solitaire is probably the most elegant solitaire collection for Mac – and possibly the most popular – with 63 games available. There are comprehensive stats if you like to keep track on your performance and a three level hint system which helps you if you get stuck but in a way that doesn’t make it too easy to guess the card. To unlock all of the games and packs of cards, you must purchase them in-game for $4.99 which also includes animated backgrounds.

freecell for mac - fulldeck solitaire

4. Solitaire Forever

Solitaire Forever is another huge compendium of card games with 150 to choose from including Freecell. Solitaite Forever looks great with 3D graphics and animations. The collections includes full game rules, unlimited undo/redo and the ability to peak at hidden cards. Solitaire Forever is multiplatform and also available for iPhone and iPad from the Mac App Store.

freecell for mac - solitaire forever

5. Freecell (Free)

The developer of Freecell Alisdair McDiarmid has discontinued development of Freecell but you can still download the last available version. There’s Undo, Redo, Hint and Game History features and you can even play against Freecell players on Windows. However, because it’s discontinued, it may not work on newer versions of OS X (although it definitely still works with Mountain Lion).freecell for mac - freecell discontinued

6. FreeCell

This version of FreeCell in the Mac App Store is very basic and doesn’t seem to have a developer website. The developer description for the game has been cut and pasted from Wikipedia so it doesn’t seem like the most legit version out there but it is free, very simple to get play and has the standard 52 card deck. There’s an Undo button if you make a mistake, a Hint button for if you get stuck and things are kept interesting with different levels of difficulty.freecell for mac - freecell

7. Freecell+

Freecell+ is another popular version of Freecell that looks great, has plenty of options and is probably the closest of the lot to the simplicity of the Microsoft Windows version of Freecell. It also keeps time, number of moves and gives you hints if you get stuck.

freecell for mac - freecell+

8. Freecell-Cardgame.com (Online)

If you want to start playing Freecell instantly and not download anything, then Freecell Online is your best bet. It’s not very fancy, and there aren’t many options but it includes the rules and it’s perfect for those that don’t want to install anything on their Mac.

freecell for mac - freecell cardgame online

9. Greenfelt Freecell

Another online version of Freecell, Greenfelt Freecell looks slick and has a few more options than Freecell-Cardgame.com. There’s a high score table and an Auto-Finish button if you give-up.

freecell for mac - greenfelt freecell

10. Solitaire King (Free)

Solitaire King is based on HTML5 and so it works in any browser on any platform including Mac. Solitaire King is pretty nifty and allows you to change the appearance of card decks and backgrounds, toggle 3D effects, undo moves, show the rules and see your game stats although you must sign-up for a free account in order to access your stats. You can also change from a range of different Freecell games including Klondike, Forty Thieves, Easthaven and many more.

best freecell for mac - solitaireking

We hope one of these games helps you enjoy Freecell or Solitaire on your Mac. If you have any questions or problems, let us know in the comments below.

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