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New Version of Kindle For Mac To Be Released

According to reports, Amazon is set to launch a completely new and updated version of Kindle for Mac in October which is rumored to be much closer to the mobile version of Kindle on iPad and iPhone.

According to the Good E-Reader website, Amazon will launch the new Kindle for Mac in October 2023 although there is no official announcement from Amazon yet.

According to the site, Amazon will remove the Kindle for Mac app from the Mac App Store and replace it with an improved interface plus enhanced book reading and library management collection experience.

Kindle for Mac is currently based on Java and Amazon has been gradually removing all software based on Java as it replaces everything with software based on React Native.

The current Kindle for Mac interface is also dated and has been plagued with problems after updates to the most recent versions of macOS.

Hopefully the new React Native platform will help eliminate many of the problems Mac users have had with Kindle for Mac and give it the functionality that brings it closer to everything you can do on a Kindle.

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