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To draw professional looking organizational charts and flowcharts you really need dedicated organizational chart software or flowchart software on your Mac.

When it comes to org chart software, tools like SmartDraw can even draw org charts with Excel automatically or by using HR databases such as BambooHR and Workday.

However, you can also make basic org charts and flowcharts for free in Pages – Apple’s own alternative to Microsoft Word for Mac.

Although there are no specific templates in Pages for drawing charts, it doesn’t take long to draw them from scratch.

Just follow these instructions to start creating organizational charts and flowcharts on your Mac using Pages.

  • Open a new document and select Page Layout – make sure that “Word Processing” is not selected. You can then choose either a portrait or landscape layout. You can double-check that you have Page Layout selected by clicking on the Document symbol (below) in the toolbar. page layout setting pages
  • Click on the Shapes button in the menu bar across the top and then Insert. You can then choose from a number of different categorized shapes to construct your org chart.draw org chart in pages - apple pages mac shapes

If you’re using Pages for iCloud, it looks a bit more like this:

draw org chart in pages - shapes

  • Select a shape to instantly add it to your canvas. If you’re just using the same shape such as a square for your entire org chart, the easiest thing to do is hold down the Option key while selecting the shape and go to Edit > Duplicate. If you can’t find the shape you need, you can also draw your own custom shapes by clicking on the pen symbol (below) and draw it freehand. pages pen icon mac
  • You can click and drag shapes to change the size of them. You can also select multiple shapes at once by holding down the CMD key and dragging them around while the connectors stretch or contract to the new position.
  • The default color of shapes in Pages is green but you can change the color of shapes, go to the Graphic Inspector tab by clicking View > Inspector. If you want to change the color of the border of shapes, change the Stroke settings.
  • Click inside shapes to start adding text. If you find that text does not fit, you’ll need to decrease the font size. You can change the alignment of text by using the Formatting tool.

draw flowchart in pages - pages align shape text

  • To configure how text wraps around objects, you can also control this in the Format tool.

pages format text object settings

  • To connect two shapes, select both of the borders, hold down the CMD key and then click Insert > Connection Line. You can choose from Straight, Curved and Right Angle Lines. You can also select the Endpoints drop down menu to add arrow heads to the connecting lines.
  • You can bend and curve connecting lines by dragging them and change the color by using the Inspector tool. To delete a connector, just select it, hold down the CTRL key and click Delete.

As you can see, Pages is very limited when it comes to drawing flowcharts and onanograms but it’s free and it’s fine for very simple charts.

If you regularly need to make either flowcharts or org charts on your Mac and want them to look professional for a corporate structure or process flow, we strongly recommend reading one of the articles below.

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