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To draw and maintain professional looking organizational charts in rapidly changing HR environments, you need specific tools to do the job fast and easily.

We’ve taken a look at the best org chart makers for Mac & Windows in 2021 for professionals to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Org charts are essential to organize teams effectively, identify reporting structures between departments, manage the growth of your company and keep everyone informed of movement and changes.

Windows users often use Microsoft Visio for creating organization charts but since there is no Visio for Mac, users on macOS have to look elsewhere.

Nowadays, powerful but easy to use org chart tools like our number 1 choice SmartDraw make it incredibly simple to make accountability charts even for the most complex hierarchies and corporate structures.

Not only are these tools easier to use than Visio for creating org structures, they’re much better value for money too.

All the accountability chart software reviewed here have specific features for creating organizational maps which look professional enough for use in presentations, corporate intranets and business proposals.

They also work on the latest versions of Windows and macOS including Big Sur and Catalina.

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How We Ranked These Org Chart Software

Here’s what we looked for in choosing which was the best organizational chart software of 2021.

  • Price: We chose org charting software that offer excellent value for money with free trials or plans to start out with
  • Reviews: We selected tools that are widely acclaimed by other users and professionals for org charting
  • Data imports: We gave preference to org chart apps that allow you to import employee data either from Excel or CSV
  • Customization: We ranked those apps higher that allow you to import individual photos of people
  • Sharing: We valued those programs that make it easy to share via link or export to Microsoft Office, Google Apps etc.
  • Integrations: We valued those apps that allow you to integrate with third party software such as HR apps

With this in mind, here then is our list of the best org chart software in order of ranking.

1. SmartDraw

If you’re looking for something that creates incredibly professional and slick organizational charts with very little effort, look no further than SmartDraw.

When it comes to making organization charts, SmartDraw is simple, flexible, well organized, and easy to share.

SmartDraw was voted the best replacement for Visio on Mac and is one of the most popular choices for Fortune 500 companies that need to manage complex and large organizational structures.

If you ever need to export your org charts to Visio for Windows based colleagues to work on, SmartDraw is the only Visio alternative on Mac that can export to the latest VSDX Visio format.

SmartDraw has over 34,000 templates including for just about any organization size or company structure.

This includes highly specific templates including two-level, four-level, photo-org charts, marketing team, travel agency, US government, inverted org charts and horizontal org charts.

Many templates are already completed with basic hierarchy information – all you need to do is personalize and edit it.

This makes the often tedious task of drawing org charts extremely quick and easy.

SmartDraw automates diagramming by automatically re-balancing org charts when you make changes.

Shifting around personnel or departments is easy because SmartDraw automatically re-formats hierarchy structures and configures boxes, objects and links to ensure your chart always looks neat and organized.

You can share org charts with anyone simply by sending them a link. The recipient doesn’t even have to be a SmartDraw user.

You can also save them to formats such as PDF or export them to apps like Microsoft Office and G-Suite.

SmartDraw saves your charts in real time but you can also choose other online storage solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive to share with others.

You can also import a CSV, XLS or XLSX file of your employee data and SmartDraw will automatically compile an organization chart for your company.

You can try SmartDraw for free to try drawing an org chart in it for yourself.

Or for a closer look, check out our full SmartDraw review.

org chart software mac - smartdraw


  • Thousands of templates
  • The only Visio alternative on Mac that exports to Visio VSDX format
  • Incredibly fast and easy to use
  • Imports employee data from Excel and CSV files
  • Easy to share and export to Microsoft Office


  • No mobile app (but works in any browser)

Price: $5.95 per month for teams of 5+ / $9.95 per month individuals / Enterprise plans on request

Platforms: Cloud

2. OmniGraffle

If Cloud solutions are not for you, then OmniGraffle is an excellent desktop diagramming software designed specifically for Mac.

OmniGraffle has literally thousands of objects to choose from and thanks to the huge number of OmniGraffle templates that are available, you can download ready made free org chart templates for Mac.

OmniGraffle isn’t specifically just an organogram software for Mac but if you want a highly professional desktop tool for creating org charts on macOS, you won’t find anything slicker

If you deal with Visio files regularly, it’s also a useful Visio viewer for Mac because the standard version allow you to open and view Visio files on macOS even if you decide not to pay for the full version.

There’s also a decent version of OmniGraffle for iPad but it costs an extra $49.99 and the Pro version $99.99.

You can read our review of OmniGraffle for a more detailed look at what we think of it.

org chart - omnigraffle


  • Native desktop Mac app
  • Imports Visio files (Pro version only)
  • Lots of templates available via third party sources
  • Powerful iOS app


  • Can’t export to the latest Visio VSDX format
  • Expensive upfront cost and upgrades
  • iOS app costs extra

Price: Standard $99.99 / Professional $199.99

Platforms: Mac, iOS

3. Lucidchart

Lucidchart provides an easy way to draw org charts on Mac and is a flexible diagramming tool for all needs and abilities.

Lucidchart is web based so there’s nothing to download or install. It has a very simple drag and drop interface which makes it easy to insert elements where you want them to be.

You can add photos to hierarchies and there are lots of customization options when it comes to colors and shapes.

One of the most useful features of Lucidchart when it comes to organization charts is that it can import data from Excel and CSV files.

Alternatively, you can simply paste data into the import tool and Lucidchart will cleverly attempt to create a basic org chart from it.

If you use BambooHR, Lucidchart also can import employee information from BambooHR to auto populate your org charts.

You will have to make manual edits and corrections afterwards but it’s much quicker and easier than having to add names and positions of organization personnel yourself.

If you just need to create an org chart for a small company or organization, you can do it for free in Lucidchart.

However, the free version is limited to 60 objects and 5 documents so you’ll need to subscribe if you need to create anything bigger.

For more information, you can read our full review of Lucidchart.

lucidchart org chart


  • Imports Visio files
  • Imports employee data from Excel or CSV
  • BambooHR integration
  • Works offline in Chrome
  • Excellent team collaboration features


  • Can’t export to the latest Visio VSDX format
  • No VST/VTX stencil import support
  • Lower quality bitmap graphics only

Price: Teams $6.70/m, Individuals $8.95/m

Platforms: Cloud

4. Creately

Creately is an org chart maker that works both via web and a desktop app for Mac and Windows. The desktop app works offline and syncs with your Creately account when you go online.

Note however that if you need the Mac desktop app, you have to pay $75 although this also gives you a one year subscription to use Creately online.

Creately is suitable for all types of charts including flowcharts, business process models, UML and SWOT diagrams but it makes it very fast and easy to create org charts.

There are lots of templates to get you started both provided by Creately and other users of the app.

You can add images to Creately to spice-up your org charts and it’s easy to highlight nodes or people in your charts and drag and drop elements around.

Everything stays neat and tidy in Creately because objects snap into place which saves considerable time manually aligning and cleaning-up organizational charts.

You can export in SVG and PDF format for printing (which also preserves the links in your charts) or you can simply export your org charts as in image in JPEG or PNG format.

Since Creately is cloud based, you can work together on org charts and make changes in real time although if you make changes in the desktop app, they won’t apply until you go online again.

You can use a very basic version of Creately free for up to 5 org charts but to get full functionality you’ll have to purchase a subscription starting at $5.75 per month.

You can also read our full review of Creately for more.

creately org chart mac


  • Offers both web and Mac desktop app
  • Slick and easy to use
  • Lots of templates


  • Free version very limited

Pricing: Starts $4/m, Team $12/m

Platforms: Cloud, Mac, PC

5. ConceptDraw Diagram

ConceptDraw Diagram (formerly ConceptDraw Pro) is another highly professional tool that works on both Mac and PC and is aimed at users with professional org chart and other diagramming needs.

Org charts are actually a specialty of ConceptDraw Diagram and there are plenty of examples of how it has been used to create professional org charts for different needs and businesses.

It has a specific library set of tools for organizational charts which are free for all users.

ConceptDraw Diagram also has some of the most detailed instructions on how to create org charts on Mac of any software out there so if you’re looking for something highly professional, with specific functional for org charts but extends to other professional uses, it might be your answer.

You can also check out our review of ConceptDraw Diagram for more.

conceptdraw diagram org chart


  • Imports Visio files
  • Exports to Visio 2016 VSDX format
  • Desktop app for both Mac & PC


  • Expensive desktop upgrades
  • Windows inspired interface

Price: $199

Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS

6. MyDraw

MyDraw (formerly Nevron Draw) used to be part of the Nevron Office suite which is aimed at those looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac and Windows.

MyDraw is available as a standalone desktop app and makes it very easy to create org charts on Mac. You can switch between the old MS Office style of menus and command bars or the newer Ribbon style interface.

There are lots of free templates in MyDraw and plenty of useful tutorials to show you how to get started. Creating org charts is very straightforward enabling you to drag and drop people and positions onto the main interface and it conveniently snaps them into place.

Apart from organizational diagrams, there are also templates for flowcharts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, workflows, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams and more.

You can try MyDraw for free but to upgrade to the full version costs $69.

You can check out our full review of MyDraw for more.

org chart app for mac - mydraw


  • Imports, edits and exports VSDX files
  • Imports Visio VSSX stencils
  • Microsoft Office style Ribbon interface
  • Lots of shapes and templates
  • Desktop client for Mac and Windows


  • Lacks advanced Visio tools
  • Interface feels more Windows inspired

Price: Starts at $69.99

Platforms: Mac, Windows

7. Pingboard

What we like about Pingboard is that it’s 100% focused on making org charts and nothing else.

Pingboard not only makes organization structures look great, but updates them dynamically as your company changes.

This is because Pingboard is integrated with enterprise HR systems like Microsoft Azure, ADP, G Suite, OneLogin and Okta.

Pingboard also has an iOS app for iPad and iPhone that allow you to easily find members of a company on your phone.

Pingboard is aimed at companies with hundreds to thousands of employees and provides multiple ways of sharing personnel structures with them.

These include a simple link, restricted link, PowerPoint presentation or embedded in your company intranet.

You can build an org chart in Pingboard for free although the free version doesn’t allow you to share it with anyone or entitle you to iOS access.

For $29 per month you can add iOS access and support for 3 other users and if you want to integrate it with your internal recruitment system, you’ll need the Pro plan for $100 per month. There are also discounts for non-profits and paying annually.

pingboard org chart


  • 100% focused on org charts only
  • Dynamic hierarchy updating
  • Integrated with enterprise HR systems
  • Lots of ways to share hierarchy charts


  • Expensive

Price: Teams $99/m, Enterprise $199/m

Platforms: Cloud

8. Organimi

Organimi has come a long way in a short time and become an extremely popular cloud based organizational chart software.

A big reason for this is that it makes creating organizational charts incredibly easy.

Organimi takes a very methodical approach to org charting by getting you to fill in the details first (or importing them from a CSV file) and then it does the rest.

Once Organimi knows a persons position in the hierarchy, it automatically puts together your org chart complete with photos and positions.

You can then share them instantly with colleagues via email, export them to PDF or print them out to put on the wall.

If you just want to create one org chart, Organimi is even free to use although plans start at $80 for single users per 30 days and $249 per year for teams.

organami organization chart


  • Highly automated
  • Very methodical
  • Imports data from CSV files


  • Most features only in Growth or Pro plans
  • Printing an exporting issues with large org charts

Price: Starter $10/m, Growth $30/m, Pro $50/m

Platforms: Cloud

9. OrgChart

OrgChart (formerly known as OrgChart5 and OrgChart Pro) is an Enterprise org chart solution that has both a desktop and web app for Mac and Windows.

OrgChart Platinum is the desktop version, OrgChart Now is the online version and OrgChart Enterprise is bespoke on site version for large corporations.

OrgChart Pro can import from Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, SAP and many more different sources. You can also publish org charts instantly to PowerPoint or PDF format.

The look and feel of OrgChart Pro is a bit Windows inspired but it’s one of the most powerful org chart solutions on both Mac and PC.

The cloud version OrgChart Now starts at $29.99 per month for up to 100 team members and you can try it for free.

The desktop version OrgChart Platinum starts at $325 annually for up to 100 employees.

organizational chart for mac - orgchart


  • Offers both a web and Mac desktop version
  • Extremely powerful for large Enterprises
  • Lots of automated org chart features


  • Windows inspired interface
  • Expensive desktop version for big teams

Price: Starts at $29.99/m online and $325 desktop annually

Platforms: Cloud, Mac, Windows

10. Sensus BPM

Sensus BPM is a highly specialized Dutch based business process management software designed for the needs of large corporations or organizations.

Sensus BPM is designed for fine tuning and improving business processes, improve management flows and make changes to organizational structures more transparent.

Sensus BPM works on both Mac and PC and the Mac version has it’s own free Sensus BPM Lite desktop app on the Mac App Store.

However, the app is very basic and designed for creating simple org charts that you can then import into the main software and develop or add dynamic elements to.

There are three versions of Sensus BPM.

Sensus BPM Designer costs €950 per user and is designed to model, share and improve business processes.

Sensus BPM Publisher costs €4000 per year and is designed to be installed on a corporate server so that it can be updated and managed in real time to reflect changes in a fast moving company.

If you want a dedicated org chart maker with a specific focus on business process management, Sensus BPM is a very powerful tool.

sensus lite mac org chart


  • Includes free Lite version
  • Suitable for large businesses
  • Focuses on business process management


  • Lite version is too limited
  • Expensive to upgrade

Price: BPM Designer €950, BPM Publisher €4000

Platforms: Cloud, Mac

If you’ve got any suggestions, or comments about the organizational chart software featured here, let us know in the comments below.

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