Org charts are an essential business tool to structure an organization so we’ve taken a look at the best org chart for Mac software. With more businesses switching to Mac, there’s a growing need for org chart software on Mac but there are fewer options than on Windows. However, the good news is this situation is changing and even established org chart software such as SmartDraw can now be used on Mac. The apps featured here are suitable for a wide range of abilities from professional to beginner but whatever your level, we also strongly advise reading our articles on the best alternatives to Visio for Mac as there’s a lot of overlap between those and the software featured here.

Best Software For Creating Org Charts On Mac

Before we start, there are some important things to consider before deciding which org chart software for Mac to go for.

1. Mac Compatibility

It might sound obvious but some of the most popular org chart software are unavailable to you if you’re a Mac user because they only run on PC although this isn’t always obvious from their website or promotional material. This almost goes without saying, but make sure the org chart tool you go for definitely runs on Mac! There are far more org chart tools on PC than there are on Mac but be careful that you don’t purchase something online and then realize that its PC only. Some org chart software, like Lucidchart and OrgChart Pro, are web based and therefore cross-platform compatible, which lets you work with your co-workers or others no matter what OS they’re running whether it’s Mac, PC, or Linux. Others, such as Omnigraffle or ConceptDraw Pro, are designed specifically for Mac and only work on OS X.

Whether you choose a web based solution or a native Mac solution will largely depend on preference. Some people simply don’t like being locked into a subscription model of “renting” software as is the case with cloud based software whilst others prefer it because it avoids any potential compatibility issues and doesn’t require any software maintenance or upgrades. However, some people still prefer to purchase their software with a one-off fee and install it directly on your Mac and therefore “own” it forever. The disadvantage of this of course is that its usually harder to work on joint org charts with others on different platforms (although most software allows you to export the final product to be viewable on any device) and of course, you will have to upgrade the software from time to time as you upgrade your Mac’s operating system or better versions of the software are released. Whichever you choose, just make sure you are aware of the implications of both.

2. Automatic Org Chart Generation

If you have pages and pages of company information or data in an Excel spreadsheet, it’s very tedious to have to manually re-enter this information into an org chart. Therefore a key feature you’ll want to look for in an org chart tool is the ability to automatically generate org charts from existing data. This will save  you a ton of time and effort. For example, Lucidchart allows you to simply upload a CSV file and your org chart is automatically generated for you or you can simply paste data into it and Lucidchart will attempt to create an org chart from it. After that, you may need to make a few manual tweaks but you can then add a new employee or edit information as needed. OrgChart Pro for example, also imports from other sources such as SAP and SQL server. As your organization starts to grow, your org charts can start to get a little messy and so bear in mind that managing expansions can become complicated. SmartDraw is excellent in this respect because it automatically re-balances org charts when you add or remove components making sure they always look neat and tidy. Likewise, Lucidchart also has an automatic cleanup feature. Just select “Clean up layout” from the context pane, and all the boxes and lines will snap back to a neat, organized layout.

3. Does It Produce Professional Results?

If you’re creating an org chart for a business or company, the chart will become part of your businesses image, so professionalism is crucial. A good org chart tool will create a polished version of your company data, without much effort on your part. You’ll want a tool that supports simple sharing within the organization and the ability to add branding elements like images and custom fonts.

Finally, don’t forget to evaluate the software company itself. If you choose a not-so-stellar org chart tool, you could get stuck with no support or a stagnant product that never gets updated.

With this in mind, here is the best org chart for Mac software. You can see a summary of our top selection in the comparison table below before we review them in more detail, along with other organizational chart software for Mac. You’ll also find a more detailed comparison chart to see how they all compare side-by-side further down in this article.

Our RankingBest Org Chart For MacPrice
3OmniGraffle Pro$199.99
4ConceptDraw Pro$199



SmartDraw ($9.95/ per month – Free Trial)

SmartDraw is one of the most established diagramming solutions available and SmartDraw Cloud means that Mac users can now also use it. SmartDraw is a very popular alternative to Visio on Mac and has thousands of templates including many org chart templates to make creating organization charts easy on OS X. org chart for mac software - smartdraw org chart

The choice of templates in SmartDraw is huge including 2 level, 4 level, photo-org charts, marketing team, travel agency, US government, inverted org charts and horizontal org charts. Most of these are already completed with information – all you need to do is personalize and edit it which makes creating org charts extremely quick and easy.

org chart for mac software - smartdraw

Shifting and moving boxes around is easy and the nice thing about SmartDraw is that it automatically re-balances and re-configures boxes, objects and links to make sure your or chart always looks neat and organized. If the formatting of your boxes is a bit out, just click Make Same Size in the tools menu along the left hand side and all of your boxes will be automatically resized to the same dimensions. The same goes for changing the shapes of boxes, adding pictures and changing branch styles – most formatting changes can be applied with just one click.

You can save all of your org charts to SmartDraw’s own server or choose an online storage solution such as Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive. This is a quick and basic overview of how to create org charts on Mac using SmartDraw. For a closer look at SmartDraw, check out our SmartDraw for Mac review. You can start creating an org chart on your Mac in just a few minutes by signing-up for a free trial of SmartDraw.

You can also watch how to create an org chart on Mac using SmartDraw below:

Lucidchart for Mac ($8.95+/month – Free Trial)

Lucidchart is one of the simplest and most effective ways to draw org charts on Mac. Lucidchart is completely web based so there’s no software to install and it has a very easy drag and drop interface which makes it easy to insert elements where you want them to be. You can add photos and there are tons of elements to choose from although if you choose the free version, you’re limited to 60 objects and 5 documents.

org chart for mac - apple org chart

Lucidchart can also import data from a variety of sources including Excel. Alternatively, you can simply paste data into the import tool and Lucidchart will cleverly attempt to create a basic org chart from it.

org chart for mac - import excel

If you want to produce a one-off org chart, Lucidchart produces excellent results for free but if you’re going to be producing them consistently, it’s well worth subscribing to. You can also try a free trial of Lucidchart to judge for yourself first.

OmniGraffle ($99 – Free Trial)

OmniGraffle is a very powerful tool that’s more commonly used as an alternative to Visio for Mac. Although it’s not cheap at $99 for the Standard version or $199 for the Pro version, it is a one off cost (not a subscription based model) and it’s designed specifically for Mac. OmniGraffle has literally thousands of objects to choose from and thanks to its Graffletopia depository of templates, you can download ready made org chart templates for Mac for free.


OmniGraffle is a bit overkill if you just need to produce the odd org chart now and then but if you want a highly professional solution designed specifically for Mac, you won’t find anything better. There’s also a decent version of OmniGraffle for iPad but it costs an extra $49.99.

ConceptDraw Pro ($199 – Free Trial)

ConceptDraw Pro is another highly professional tool that works on both Mac and PC and is aimed at users with professional org chart and other diagramming needs. Org charts are actually a specialty of ConceptDraw Pro and there are plenty of examples of how it has been used to create professional org charts for different needs and businesses. It has a specific library set of tools for organizational charts which are free for all users of ConceptDraw 9 and above.

ConceptDraw Pro also has some of the most detailed instructions on how to create org charts on Mac of any software out there so if you’re looking for something highly professional, with specific functional for org charts but extends to other professional uses, it might be your answer.

Org Chart For Mac Comparison Table

These four are our favorite tools for creating org charts on Mac and before we look at other, less expensive and simpler software, here’s a side-by-side comparison of them so you can see how they compare.

Open & Edit Visio Files (VSD/VSDX/VDX)

Export To Visio (VSD/VDX)

Support For Visio Templates (VSS/VST/VTX)

PNG/PDF/JPG Import-Export

Photoshop Export

Integration With Google Apps

Dropbox Support

Microsoft OneDrive Support

Google Docs/Drive Support

Jira/Confluence Support


Automated Templates

Symbols & Clipart

Work Offline On Mac

Mobile App

Windows Desktop App

Sharing/Real Time Collaboration

Free Updates


Free Trial



single license


5 Team license


10 Team license



single license


3 Team license


10 Team license

omnigraffle Pro


one tIme

conceptdraw pro


One Time

Other Org Chart Software For Mac

If all of the above are too complicated, advanced or expensive for your needs, there are also simpler and cheaper org chart tools for Mac. Here we take a look at the rest of the best.

OrgChart Pro ($18+/month – Free Trial)

OrgChart Pro (formerly known as OrgChart5) is another web based solution that works directly in the browser on your Mac. There is no other software to install. Google Chrome is recommended as the fastest browser to use it with but it will work in others too. OrgChart Pro can import from Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, SAP and many more different sources. You can also publish org charts instantly to PowerPoint or PDF format. The look and feel of OrgChart Pro is a bit Windows inspired but overall, it’s a powerful and easy to use org chart solutions for your Mac.

org chart for mac - orgchart5

Creately ($5.75+/per month – Mac App $75)

Creately is an org chart for Mac software that works both via web and a desktop app for Mac. The desktop app works offline and syncs with your Creately account when you go online. Note however that if you need the Mac desktop app, you have to pay $75 although this also gives you a one year subscription to use Creately online. Creately is suitable for all types of charts including flowcharts, business process models, UML and SWOT diagrams but it makes it very fast and easy to create org charts with lots of templates to get you started (both provided by Creately and other users). You can add images to Creately to spice-up your org charts and it’s easy to highlight nodes or people in your charts and drag and drop elements around.

best free alternatives visio mac - creately interface

Everything stays neat and tidy in Creately because objects snap into place which saves considerable time manually aligning and cleaning-up organizational charts. You can export in SVG and PDF format for printing (which also preserves the links in your charts) or you can simply export your org charts as in image in JPEG or PNG format. Since Creately is cloud based, you can work together on org charts and make changes in real time although if you make changes in the desktop app, they won’t apply until you go online again.

You can use a very basic version of Creately free for up to 5 org charts but to get full functionality you’ll have to purchase a subscription starting at $5.75 per month. There’s also a Mac desktop app but this costs an extra $75.

You can see Creately in action below:

OrgChart Now ($29.99/month – Free Trial)

OrgChart Now is a slick dedicated online org chart software that works on both Mac and PC. If you need to highlight vacancies in your organization, OrgChart Now produces really clear and professional results that jump from the page.

org chart mac - orgchart now

Depending on the format you’ve got it in, you can import human resource data into OrgChart Now which can save you a ton of time if you’re building particularly large organizational charts. OrgChart Now isn’t exactly cheap at $29.99 per month but it’s easy to use, creates glossy results and you can try it for free. You can watch an overview of OrgChart Now in action below:

Sensus BPM ($120+/year – Free Trial)

Sensus BPM is a highly specialized business process management software designed for the needs of large corporations or organizations. Sensus BPM is designed for fine tuning and improving business processes, improve management flows and make changes to organizational structures more transparent. Sensus BPM works on both Mac and PC and the Mac version has it’s own free Sensus BPM Lite desktop app on the Mac App Store. However, the app is very basic and designed for creating simple org charts that you can then import into the main software and develop or add dynamic elements to.

org chart mac - sensus bpm for mac

There are three versions of Sensus BPM. Sensus BPM Personal is designed to model, share and improve business processes. Sensus BPM Community is designed to be installed on a corporate server so that it can be updated and managed in real time to reflect changes in a fast moving company. Sensus BOM Ultimate is designed for very large complex corporate environment with multiple management and micro-management levels. In all versions, you can export to PDF, Word, HTML.

If you want a dedicated org chart software for Mac with a specific focus on business process management, Sensus BPM is a very powerful tool. Note that Sensus BPM is only available on an annual subscription plan starting at $120 per year for the basic version but you can try a free trial first.

Textografo ($4 or $8/month – Free Trial)

Textografo is a general online flowchart software but has a dedicated template and tools for creating org charts. Textografo takes a syntax approach to flowchart creation requiring you to describe and list processes and then allowing Textografo to construct your flowchart automatically. Textografo is designed specifically for businesses flowchart creation and has specific templates for specific areas including Process Analysis, Business Operations and Sales & Marketing. Textografo has an Organizational Chart Maker which makes it very quick and easy to create simple org charts in minutes on Mac although the syntax methodology takes some getting used to. You can read more about Textografo in our review of Flowchart Software for Mac and you can also try a free trial of Textografo.

org chart mac - textografo

Nevron Draw ($49.99)

Nevron Draw is part of the Nevron Office suite which is aimed at those looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac and PC. Although the suite only comprises of three apps – Nevron Draw, Nevron Write and Nevron Calendar, it’s surprisingly powerful for $59.99 and Nevron Draw makes it very easy to create org charts on Mac and allows you to switch between the old MS Office style of menus and command bars or the newer Ribbon style interface.

best org chart mac - nevron draw

There are lots of free templates in Nevron Draw and plenty of useful tutorials to show you how to get started. Creating org charts is very straightforward enabling you to drag and drop people and positions onto the main interface and it conveniently snaps them into place. Apart from organizational diagrams, there are also templates for flowcharts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, workflows, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams and more.

You can even try Nevron Draw for free online using the web version of Nevron Draw before you decide whether it’s worth paying for the Mac desktop version. You can buy Nevron Draw for $10 less than the Nevron Office suite at $49.99 but for an extra $10, you might as well get Nevron Office which includes Nevron Calendar and Nevron Write which is a very competitive alternative to Microsoft Word for Mac. The Nevron Office suite works on both Mac and PC and the Mac version is exactly the same as the Windows version.

Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac

If you’ve already got Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac installed, you can create org charts using the SmartArt tool. This is quite a basic and limited tool but it’s entirely free for Office 2016 users. To access SmartArt on your Mac:

  1. Click on SmartArt > chart for mac - smartart office 2016 mac
  2. Click on the organizational layout you chart mac - smartart office 2016 mac
  3. Simply enter the text you want in each box and drag around the boxes in the structure you want.

There’s not much more to it than this although you can also add pictures to your org charts. If you’re already Microsoft Office users and want something really simple, SmartArt is a quick and easy solution to creating organizational charts on Mac. You can find more about how to create org charts in Office 2016 for Mac here.


These are the best tools we’ve found for creating org charts on Mac. SmartDraw and Lucidchart are easily the market leaders on Mac with the most features and options, with SmartDraw being the best in all round templates, interface and usability. However, if you’re looking for an org chart for Mac app on desktop, OmniGraffle is still the best org chart software for Mac on the market. ConceptDraw meanwhile is worth looking at if you want a desktop solution that works on both Mac and PC.

Further Reading

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