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Quicken has released the latest version of its personal finance software Quicken 2019 For Mac. The release is available to all those who currently have a Quicken subscription.

The most important change is that Quicken can now be accessed from anywhere via web access.

quicken 2019 for mac

Other changes in Quicken 2019 include:

Quicken Starter:

  • NEW Ability to pay bills using updated Bills menu
  • NEW Manage your money on the go across desktop + web + mobile
  • IMPROVED Refreshed overall look & feel
  • IMPROVED Improved Auto-Backup Performance

Additional changes in Quicken Deluxe/Premier include:

  • NEW Portfolio view can now be printed or exported
  • NEW Easily expand or collapse all securities
  • NEW Get the latest features without having to upgrade
  • IMPROVED Investment performance shown more visibly

Quicken claims that the 2019 version incorporates 500 fixes and improvements and is faster than previous editions. Regarding speed, Quicken states:

Start-up, charts and graphs load twice as fast, backup is four times faster than prior versions.

Significantly faster experience managing investments on Quicken for Windows, investment register and portfolio view expand/collapse now up to three times faster

If you’ve already decided to switch from Quicken, don’t forget to check out our look at the best personal finance alternatives to Quicken on Mac.

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3 Responses

  1. smayer97

    As a result of Quicken reversing its decision to make your data read-only when any subscription expires, instead, they will now hijack about 25% of your screen real-estate for advertising. Quicken has determined that this is the price to pay if you let your subscription expire!

    This is one of the things that has come to light as more and more users that chose to let the subscription expire are seeing. If you dislike this business decision, you can add your VOTE to “Quicken Inc should eliminate or at least minimize the LARGE Advertising space used when a subscription expires” here:

    First, click on the underlined link above to go there, then click VOTE at the top of THAT page, so your vote will count.

    Your VOTES matter!

    You may also want to contact Quicken Support to express your concerns at

  2. smayer97

    One thing to note is that Quicken Web is designed to have about the same level of functionality as Quicken Mobile. They both use the same data that is synced from Quicken desktop to the Quicken Cloud.

    Keep in mind that both Web and Mobile are not full featured versions but only companions to your Quicken desktop data, giving access only to cash, bank, and credit card accounts and transactions, with summary info of investments (no transactions), plus access to budget data.

    If you are looking for full featured access to your Quicken data, the alternative is to use remote access software that can run on any device, to access the desktop data. See the following article for some options, written by the above author on this site:



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