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Here are the top 3 most heavily discounted software deals for Mac users this week. You can get another 20% off these apps if you use coupon code GREENMONDAY20 when purchasing.

So that’s an extra 20% off on top of the discounts that are already being offered on these apps.

Note that all the following deals are for a limited time only. You can get more detailed information about the apps when you click on the links.

1. CloudMounter Lifetime License (Mac/Windows)

$15.20 (Originally $44.95)

Easily and conveniently expand your Mac’s storage by mounting cloud solutions on your desktop.

2. Private Internet Access VPN

$44.44 (Originally $166.80)

Protect your identity by masking your location & IP address with one of our favorite VPN services for Mac.

3. Microsoft Excel Diploma Master Class

$15.20 (Originally $395.00)

Access eight Microsoft Excel lessons over a one month period with three hours of coursework per week.

excel course mac

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