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ocr for mac
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download macos catalina cover

How To Prepare Your Mac For Catalina

With macOS 10.15 Catalina about to drop any day now, here's a few tips to make sure you're ready to update. Generally, we recommend waiting a few w...
cad for mac

Best CAD Software For Mac of 2020

In the old days, Macs used to be way behind PCs when it came to CAD software. Nowadays that's all changed and there are some superb Computer Aided Des...
fax from mac - macbook

7 Best Fax Apps For Mac of 2020

If you need to send a fax from your Mac, we've taken a look at the best fax software and apps for Mac in 2020. Using fax software is by far the eas...
mac ios catalyst universal purchasing cover

Apple Unites Purchasing For macOS & iOS

Tired of having to purchases iOS apps and macOS apps separately? The good news is that Apple now supports universal purchasing between iOS, macOS, iPa...
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How To Watch Sling TV On Mac

Unfortunately the official Sling TV for Mac app was discontinued in 2018 but there are now many other ways of using Sling TV on a Mac. Sling TV wor...
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7 Best Visio Alternatives For iPad

More and more people need to draw diagrams on the move and the best tool for doing that is on a tablet. Using a pen on a tablet is far easier and feel...
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5 Quick Ways To Fix A Frozen Mac

There's nothing worse than when your Mac locks up and freezes. Sometimes you can unlock a frozen Mac by using a few simple tricks. Here's 5 ways to...
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Microsoft Edge Arrives On Mac

Microsoft has officially launched the Microsoft Edge browser on Mac. Not since Internet Explorer was discontinued on Mac has Microsoft officially s...

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