best external hard drive mac - cover
quicken alternatives for mac cover
ocr for mac
cad for mac

Best CAD Software For Mac

If you're looking for the best CAD software for Mac, then look no further as we've taken an in-depth look at the very best CAD for Mac software. Altho...

Best Free Alternatives To Visio For Mac

Let’s be straight – there’s no such thing as a free Visio for Mac app but there are some excellent free Visio alternatives. Although there is no free ...
email marketing mac cover

Best Email Marketing Software For Mac

The best email marketing software for Mac in 2016 is web based and works on all platforms and so we've taken a look at the best email marketing servic...
fax from mac - macbook

How To Fax From Mac

If you have no choice but to send a fax from your Mac, here we show you 4 different and easy ways to send faxes on OS X and macOS. Crazy as it may see...
family tree software mac cover

Best Family Tree Software For Mac

Tracing your family tree can be a fascinating and sometimes life changing experience which is why we've looked at the best family tree software for Ma...
tv tuner for mac

Best TV Tuner For Mac In 2017

If you want to watch free TV on your Mac, we've looked at the best TV tuner for Mac in 2017 which can receive analog or digital free-to-air TV channel...
best security camera software mac

Best Mac Security Cameras & Software

Nowadays anyone can setup a video surveillance system for a home or office using their Mac. We've taken a look at the best Mac security cameras and so...
sd recovery software mac cover

Best SD Recovery Software For Mac

There's nothing worse than losing precious photos, documents or other from an SD card but help is at hand as we've looked at the best SD recovery soft...
mac to roku cover

How To Stream From Mac To Roku

If you want to stream movies, videos and TV shows from your Mac to Roku device, then you can easily do so using the free Plex Media Server. Roku is si...
best dj software for mac cover

Best DJ Software For Mac

Although we can't promise to turn you into Grandmaster Flash overnight, we can show you the absolute best DJ software for Mac in 2017 to set you on yo...

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