fax from mac - macbook

Best Fax Apps For Mac In 2018

If you have no choice but to send a fax from your Mac in 2018 we've taken a look at the best fax apps for Mac in 2018. Fax apps are by far the easiest...
genogram tool mac cover

Top 5 Genogram Makers For Mac

If you need to draw medical and psychological conclusions from a family's history, we've looked at the best genogram makers for Mac to map your family...
best uml software for mac - staruml

10 Best UML Software For Mac

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. And when it comes to explaining the complexity of software development, this is especially true...
best drawing tablet for mac cover

Best Drawing Tablet For Mac 2018

There's now hundreds of drawing tablets out there but which ones work best with Macs? We've reviewed the best drawing tablets for Mac in 2018 which pl...
personal capital for mac review - net worth

Personal Capital For Mac Review

Personal Capital is a highly effective personal finance software for managing money on your Mac. Even better, it's completely free to use. Here we tak...
type @ on mac us keyboard

How To Type @ On Mac Keyboards

If you've just got yourself a new Mac, you might be tearing your hair out trying to work out where the @ key or "at" sign is. The reason for this is i...
free ocr software for mac cover

Top 10 Free OCR Software For Mac

The truth is, you're not going to get perfect results with free OCR software on a Mac. Optical Character Recognition is a highly specialized techno...
flight simulator controls for mac cover

Best Flight Simulator Controls For Mac

There are already some excellent flight simulators for Mac but to take things to the next level of realism you need real flight controllers. We've loo...

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