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35 Best CAD Software For Mac Of 2018

Macs are becoming increasingly popular for Computer Aided Design so we've taken a look at the very best CAD software for Mac in 2018. Although there a...
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Best Free Alternatives To Visio For Mac

Let’s be straight – there's no such thing as a serious professional free Visio for Mac alternative but there is powerful diagramming software that all...
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Best Fax Apps For Mac In 2018

If you have no choice but to send a fax from your Mac in 2018 we've taken a look at the best fax apps for Mac in 2018. Fax apps are by far the easiest...
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How To Type A Hashtag On Mac Keyboards

It might seem strange but Mac keyboards don't have a dedicated hash key # like PC keyboards do. Those that have recently switched to Mac can end up te...
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How To View Clipboard History On Mac

Finding the contents of your clipboard isn't at obvious as it should be on macOS in 2018. And even when you find it, the clipboard in macOS can only s...
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How To Play Xbox Games On Mac

If you want to play Microsoft Xbox games on your Mac you can now easily do so thanks to a clever app called OneCast. OneCast allows you to stream Xbox...
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The Best eGPU For Mac

One of the most effective ways to boost the power and speed of your Mac is to get an eGPU. To ensure that your Mac can handle the demands of Virtual R...
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How To Use VRChat On Mac

VRChat isn't available for Mac users but there is now an easy way to use it on macOS thanks to NVIDIA's new GeForce Now for Mac service. VRChat allows...
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The Best VR Headset For Mac In 2018

Macs have come a long way when it comes to Virtual Reality technology and nowadays you can enjoy VR on your Mac - if you get the right headset and equ...
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WaterField Designs MacBook Bag Review

Got a new MacBook for Christmas and are looking for a stylish laptop bag to carry it in? WaterField Designs of San Francisco sent us one of their hand...