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cad for mac

Best CAD Software For Mac of 2018

In the old days, Macs used to be way behind PCs when it came to CAD software. Nowadays that's all changed and there are some superb Computer Aided Des...
fax from mac - macbook

6 Best Fax Apps For Mac of 2018

If you need to send a fax from your Mac, we've taken a look at the best fax software and apps for Mac in 2018. Using fax software is by far the eas...
best dictation software for mac cover

Best Dictation Software For Mac of 2018

Why spend hours typing when you can dictate texts in less than half the time? Speech recognition technology can save you time, money and stress so we'...
top digital cameras for macs cover

10 Best Digital Cameras For Mac of 2018

When it comes to digital cameras, there are definitely some that work better with Macs and fit the Apple aesthetic than others. We decided to narrow d...
abbyy finereader pro for mac review cover

ABBYY FineReader Pro For Mac Review

When it comes to document scanning, there's no tool quite like ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac for OCR accuracy, speed and layout preservation. Even bett...
open outlook msg emails mac cover

8 Ways To Open Outlook MSG Files On Mac

If you need to open an Outlook email or attachment in MSG format, there are various ways to do so. The frustrating thing about the Windows version Mic...

How To Type A Check Mark On Mac

If you're going crazy trying to work out how to type a simple check mark or tick symbol on your Mac, don't stress. Unfortunately there's no dedicated ...

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