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Yesterday Apple announced the release of its new range of MacBook Pros with Touch Bars and if you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade, the good news is there’s already some serious competition for deals. Less than 24 hours after the new MacBook Pros were announced, there are some big discounts being offered from other retailers that are already taking pre-orders – some offering hundreds of dollars off the Apple Store price of $1,499 for the 13 inch MacBook Pro. The recent release of Microsoft’s sexy new Surface Studio PCs may also be driving down new Mac prices as Apple faces competition in the looks and design department too.

Here’s a quick roundup of the hottest deals currently doing the rounds for Apple’s all new MacBook Pro for 2016.


The best deals are unsurprisingly being offered by Amazon. Amazon is currently selling the 256GB 13 inch MacBook Pro in Space Grey for $1,139.92 – a discount of $359.08 on Apple’s price.


The same model but in Silver is a bit more expensive at $1,299 but still $200 cheaper than the Apple Store.


Meanwhile the 512GB 13 inch MacBook Pro in Silver is going for $1,799 – $200 cheaper than the Apple Store retail price of $1,999. new-macbook-pro-512gb-13-inch-space-grey-amazonAll Macs, whether purchased from Apple, Amazon or elsewhere come with 1 year free AppleCare Protection Plan. However, if you buy the 15 inch MacBook Pro, it’s cheaper to extend it to three years via Amazon for $299 compared to $349 from Apple. We highly recommend extending your AppleCare as it can be very expensive to repair a Mac out of warranty.




MacMall is offering relatively small discounts of between $15 to $35 off new MacBook Pros.macmall-new-macbook-pro-offers

MacMall are also offering discounts on the older generation of MacBook Pros with 13 inch models going for $1099.99.

Mac Of All Trades

If you’re not impressed by the new MacBook Pro, the good news is that the older ones are now cheaper and there are some older MacBook Pro bargains to be had. Mac Of All Trades for example are offering refurbished MacBook Pros from as little as $399.


The other thing you’ll have to think about when buying the new MacBook Pros is USB-C cables and Thunderbolt accessories. USB-C is the new smaller, reversible standard in USB connections and Thunderbolt is Apple’s own super fast connection port for connecting external hard drives and other external hardware. Fortunately you can also get USB-C cables, Thunderbolt cables and Thunderbolt external hard drives cheaper from Amazon than the Apple Store. There are also USB-C adaptor cables available so that you don’t have to throw out all your old USB pendrives and external hard drives when you buy a new MacBook Pro.

If you want to pay Apple Prices, or prefer to always buy from Apple, you can of course also buy the new MacBook Pro from Apple here.

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