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Black Friday is almost upon us and we’ve seen a whopping good deal for Mac users. Parallels are currently offering 8 apps worth $519 for just $79.99 – and not just any apps. If you buy Parallels 11 for $79.99, they’re throwing in 1Password, Evernote Premium, Camtasia, Pocket Premium, PDFPen Pro 7, SnagIt and Parallels Access for free. These are all top applications and $79.99 is an absolute bargain when you consider to buy each of them separately would cost $519.92 in total – a massive 90% saving. If you’ve already got Parallels, you can upgrade to Parallels 11 for $49.99 and also take advantage of the offer.parallels mac app bundle

Here’s a quick rundown of what you get:

Parallels: Definitely worth having if you ever need to run Windows on your Mac. Makes it incredibly easy to use Windows applications within OS X without rebooting.

1Password: Arguably the best password manager available for Mac – no need to mess around with multiple passwords. You’ll be amazed at how time saving this is.

Evernote Premium: An excellent note taking application that’s up there with OneNote. Organize your clippings, articles and brainstorm ideas more efficiently. We wrote a little about OneNote alternatives including Evernote here.

Camtasia: Brilliant app for recording video on your desktop. If you ever need to make screencasts or video on your desktop, it’s invaluable and easy to use

Pocket Premium: Excellent bookmarking application which allows you to bookmark and save articles on your Mac for reading later on your iPhone or iPad.

PDFPen Pro 7: If you’ve ever needed to edit or create a PDF document on your Mac, this is a brilliant tool which allow you to annotate and edit PDFs with ease.

SnagIt: One of the best screen capture tools around. Very powerful and makes it easy to take screenshots, edit them and annotate them.

Parallels Access: Not essential but a handy tool which allows you to access your Mac from your iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

It’s not very often deals like this come along anymore on Mac so we can safely say you can’t really go wrong with this one. The deal is valid until December 1st 2015 so you’ve got about one week to take advantage of it here. You can also read more about the apps included in the offer here.

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