best vpn for mac cover

10 Best VPNs For Mac of 2019

Whether you want to protect your data and privacy online or access websites that are restricted in your region, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is definitely your best option. But choosing the best VPN softw...
quicken alternatives for mac cover

10 Best Quicken Alternatives For Mac 2019

If you've finally had it with the Mac version of Quicken, we've taken a closer look at the best Quicken alternatives for Mac of 2019. Quicken for Mac has lagged behind the Windows version for years and even ...
ocr for mac

10 Best OCR Software For Mac 2019

Whether you need to edit PDFs, images or scanned documents, extract text from them or just make them searchable, we've tested the most accurate OCR applications for Mac of 2019. Optical Character Recognition...
visio alternatives for mac cover

10 Best Visio Alternatives For Mac 2019

Although Microsoft has never released Visio for Mac 2019, the good news is there are some superb alternatives that can do everything Visio can on a Mac - and more. In fact in some cases, we think the softwar...
publisher for mac alternatives cover

Best Microsoft Publisher For Mac Alternatives 2019

Microsoft has never released Publisher on Mac, but we've taken a look at the best alternative Desktop Publishing Software for Mac in 2019. MS Publisher is different from Microsoft Word because it focuses mor...

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