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CrossOver 24 Adds Improved Support for 32 Bit Apps on Macs

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Codeweavers has just released a major update to CrossOver which improves support for running 32-bit Windows apps on Macs as well as stability fixes to play Windows only games on a Mac.

Since macOS Catalina, it has been no longer been possible to run older Windows 32-bit apps on a Mac but thanks to the latest update to the Wine software that CrossOver 24 is based on, it now runs them much better on macOS Sonoma and other 64 bit versions of macOS.

Other updates to CrossOver 24 include improved support for Vulkan, multiple displays and High-DPI scaling.

The update also supports a much faster way to run Windows EXE files on a Mac simply by dragging and dropping them into CrossOver.

crossover run exe on mac
CrossOver now launches Windows EXE files automatically by dragging and dropping EXE files into it. Source: Codeweavers


There are also stability fixes for running Windows apps from Office 365 in CrossOver.

CrossOver is a compatibility layer software which allows Mac users to use Windows apps and games without having to actually install Windows on a Mac.

CrossOver is mainly popular with gamers as it allows them to play Windows only games on a Mac which aren’t available for macOS.

Those that update to the latest version of CrossOver 24 can get 24% off CrossOver+ and upgrades by using the coupon code “WineNine”.

You can also try CrossOver for free.

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