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You can now play even more major Windows only games on Mac such as Destiny 2 and Witcher III thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now For Mac gaming service.

Shortly after announcing that the service is now open to everyone after a 2 year Beta testing service, NVIDIA has added more games supported in its Mac catalog. Note however that it’s still not available in all regions yet.

GeForce Now For Mac allows Mac users to play Windows only games via the Cloud but until now, many major titles were missing from the service.

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GeForce Now streams games to your Mac using powerful NVIDIA hardware. For games that only work with specific NVIDIA graphics cards, it’s one of the only ways Mac users can play certain games as Apple doesn’t support NVIDIA graphics cards.

The only other way to add the kind of processing power that NVIDIA GeForce Now delivers on macOS is to get an eGPU for your Mac.

geforce now for mac adds games

The result is high resolution gaming at up to 60 Frames Per Second with no lag – even on older Macs since all the processing power takes place in the Cloud.

Titles currently available include Witcher III, Cuphead, Destiny 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, World of Tanks, Tropico 6, Fortnite and League of Legends.

Unfortunately you can’t purchase games in GeForce. You’ll need to buy them from either Steam or Epic which are the only games storefronts that GeForce Now supports – EA Origin isn’t included yet.

At the moment, the games library is still limited to 50 paid titles and 30 free games which has put off many users. The fact that you also have to pay a monthly subscription to use the service ($4.99 per month) is also a sticking point for many.

As long as you’ve got an iMac from 2009 onwards and MacBook from 2008 onwards, GeForce Now should work on your Mac.

You can try a one hour session for free and have as many sessions as you want but for unlimited gaming, you have to upgrade to the Founders Edition for $4.99 per month.

You can check out our full review of GeForce Now on Mac for more.

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