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There is no official Instagram app for Macs so you’ve got two options to use it on macOS in 2020. You can either use a third party app that connects to Instagram or install an Android emulator and use the Android version of Instagram on a Mac.

Or, if you’ve already got one of the new Macs with a Silicon M1 chip, then you can run iOS apps on Mac such as the official Instagram app as the latest Macs support iPad and iPhone apps too.

Using an app is by far the easiest way and there are several unofficial Instagram apps that allow you to view and upload photos to your Instagram feed from your Mac.

The best apps allow you to upload multiple photos to Instagram from your Mac.

Note that the Gramblr Instagram app is no longer available but all the apps featured here are excellent alternative to Gramblr.

Alternatively, can also install the official Instagram app using an Instagram emulator for Mac although this is far more time consuming and complicated.

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How To Install Android Apps On a Mac

In this article, we show you both options so you can decide which works best for you.

Note that there’s no point installing Windows on your Mac and trying to use the Windows Instagram app because although it allows you to view feeds, you can’t upload photos with it.

Here then are the best ways to post to Instagram on a Mac in order of ranking.

1. Flume

Flume is the closest thing to having Instagram for Mac on your desktop and easily the best Instagram app for Mac we’ve tried.

Flume is the only app that genuinely allows you to upload photos and videos from your Mac to Instagram. However, it should be noted that you can only upload photos in the Pro version of Flume which you can upgrade to in-app for $10.

However, it’s definitely well worth it and there’s no other app like Flume that comes close to giving you full Instagram functionality on Mac. The Pro version also allows you to add multiple accounts.

You can do many things in Flume that you can in Instagram for iOS and Android including like, comment and share photos.

You can search for users via hashtag or location and it’s even integrated with the Touch Bar MacBook Pros.

Uploading photos is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the Flume interface.

flume for mac

The slight drawback is that the filters aren’t the same as in Instagram. For technical reasons it can only use the same ones as used in Photo Booth.

You can read more about Flume for Instagram on the Flume website.

You can also watch Flume for Instagram in action below:


2. Later

If you’re an Instagram business user or influencer, then you may find Later is more suitable.

Later is an official Instagram Partner and allows you to schedule posts and manage your Instagram feed on your Mac.

You can quickly plan a whole week of Instagram posts and via the visual editor, drag and drop the sequence and manage the content of them.

Later has free plans although business users have to subscribe.

later instagram on mac


3. iTab

iTab (formerly Instamac) is a very simple looking but feature packed Instagram client for Mac which is optimized for retina displays.

iTab supports enlarging of Instagram images, viewing people’s profiles, saving hashtag searches, viewing popular and trending images and bookmarking favorite searches.

You can even turn photos into slideshows based on hashtags or your favorite searches.

itab pro

4. Extension For Instagram

If you’re already a Google Chrome user on Mac, then Extension for Instagram is a Chrome add-on which allows you to check Instagram from your Chrome browser.

Once installed, just click on the Extension for Instagram logo in the top right of Chrome, log-in and you can view your Instagram feed.

You can upload photos to your Instagram account and download videos and photos from it.

extension for instagram

5. OneUp

OneUp helps you manage social media channels of all kinds including Instagram.

You simply add your Instagram post to OneUp, select the interval and frequency of automatic recycling and post it now or schedule it for the future.


6. Instagram Online

Finally, you can of course follow your photo feed using the official web version of Instagram but again, the web version does not allow you to upload photos.

instagram website

These are the best apps to view Instagram feeds on Mac. These Instagram apps have stood the test but there have been others such as Visual Grub for Mac and Carousel for Mac which are long gone.

However, Flume Pro is still the only one that lets you upload photos and videos to Instagram and generally, has the best overall interface so we’d recommend going for that.

How To Install Instagram On A Mac

If you want all the functionality of the mobile version of Instagram on your Mac, then the only way is to install it via an Android emulator.

Setting this up is far more time consuming than installing one of the apps featured above.

The easiest way to install Android apps on Mac is by using Google Arc Welder extension for Chrome. You can find full instructions how to install Android apps on Mac here using Arc Welder.

However, there are a few other ways too. The first method we look at here uses Virtual Box which allows you to install an Android emulator on your Mac and even Windows applications on Mac. The second involves using Bluestacks although Bluestacks is no longer officially supported on Mac anymore and we don’t recommend using it.

Method 1: Using Virtual Box

  1. Download this ISO image of Android. Download the first file in the list – the one with the most downloads
  2. Download Virtual Box for Mac. Virtual Box allows you to run other operating systems – such as Android and Windows – on your Mac. Download the file that says “Download Virtual Box for Mac Hosts”.

Install VirtualBox on your Mac and then when you open it, click “New” in the top left corner.whatsapp for mac - virtualbox

In the Name field, you can write “Instagram” and in the Type just select “Other” as Android is not on the list.

Move the Memory slider somewhere in the middle.whatsapp for mac - virtualbox memory

Select the second option “Create a Virtual HardDrive Now”.whatsapp for mac - hard drive

Select the first option “VirtualBox Disk Image”.whatsapp for mac - hard drive type

Select the first option “Dynamically Allocated”.whatsapp for mac - memory allocation

You can call the new Hard Drive “Instagram”. Click Create.install instagram on a mac - virtual box

You’re now ready to setup Android on your Mac. You’ll see your new Instagram Virtual Drive in the left menu. Make sure it is selected and click Start. You’ll then be prompted to select a Virtual Disk which is the Android ISO you downloaded earlier. Browse to the Android ISO file and click Start.install instagram on a mac - virtualbox setup

When you see the Virtual Box mouse warning, just click capture and then simply hit “Enter” as the option you need “Run Android -x86 Without Installation” is selected by default. Once your mouse is inside Virtual Box, it is “locked” in there but if you need to get it out to use it in OS X again, simply press the left CMD key next to the spacebar to release

Android will now setup startup Skip the WiFi setup and Google Account setup stages.wifi

Once setup has finished, you are on the main Android screen. Select the Home Menu button as you would if you were using an Android device. You must first access Settings to disable some features to enable Instagram to work in Virtual Box properly. android apps

First, go to Security and enable Unknown Sources. Click OK when the security warning pops up and Unknown Sources is enabled.unknown sources setting

Then go back to the Settings screen and scroll down to Accessibility: accessibility setting

Deactivate Auto-rotate screen otherwise you’ll end up having to use Instagram with your Mac on it’s side! auto rotate screen

Finally, go to the Display settings and Deactivate the Sleep mode:sleep settingsThere are then two ways to install Instagram on your Mac. The first one is the only one that definitely works at the moment. The second method used to work but at the time of writing, is affected by a bug:

Method 1: By Downloading Instagram Directly

Open the Android browser and go to the following address:

Click on the Download button at the bottom:downloadThe download will start in the top left of the screen. Drag this down with the mouse and click on the downloaded file:downloadedWhen you click on the file, the Instagram installation process will start on your Mac:installationThen simply follow the installation process. There will be a non essential warning about Google security settings which you can Accept or Decline – whichever you prefer. At the end of it, Instagram will be installed on your Mac. Just click open to start using it:app installed The login page will be on it’s side at first:login But don’t worry, with some clever mouse work, try click “Login”, at the bottom and Instagram will revert back to the normal horizontal view:login details At the time of writing, this is the only way to install Instagram on macOS that definitely works.

Method 2 below is also supposed to work – and is the way you normally install Instagram on an Android device – but due to a known bug with Android devices, does not work properly anymore due to a “device incompatible” error message. However, at some stage, Instagram will be updated to fix the bug so if the above method doesn’t work or you’d rather go via the Play store, here’s how to do it.

    • Method 2: Using the Google Play Store: Use the Back button at the bottom of the screen to go back to your Android desktop. Click the dots at the bottom of the screen to reveal your apps and open the Google Play Store: android apps
    • Search for Instagram and then install it as if you were installing it on a phone.

play store search

Just follow the installation instructions. As mentioned earlier, at the the time of writing you will probably receive a “device not compatible” error. This is a bug that Instagram is looking into with Google and until it is fixed, Google suggests a temporary fix for some users is to clear your Google Play Store data cache by going: Settings > Application Manager > All > Google Play Store > Clear data. If this does not work for you, try method 1.

Method 2: Using Bluestacks

Here’s how to install Instagram on your Mac using Bluestacks:

  • Download Bluestacks. Double-click on the DMG file and drag the Bluestacks icon into your Applications folder.
  • Open it and click on the search magnifying glass in the top-right bluestacks
  • Search for “Instagram” and click on “Install”.bluestacks
  • You’ll then have to enable the AppStore. Just follow the instructions to set it up.enable appstore
  • You then need to add your Google account to access the store. When you’ve entered your Google account details (such as your Gmail account and password) click “Finish Setup” in the bottom right corner.finish setup
  • Then click “Proceed” when prompted setup 1-Click Sync Setup.sync setup
  • Just click “Done” when prompted to setup a device
  • Select Instagram from the AppStore.instagram mobile 1 store
  • Instagram will then install within Bluestacks.installing instagram
  • Click on MyApps and you’ll see Instagram is now installed on your Mac via Bluestacks.bluestacks my apps
  • Click on it and you’ll be taken to the Instagram login page as if you were using it on a phone. instagram login
  • You can view your feed as if you were using your phone.feed
  • On your profile page, click on the “Settings” tab in the top right corner.settings
  • Click on Advanced Featuresadvanced features
  • Deselect “Use Instagram’s Advanced Camera”.advanced camera setting
  • Now you need to install an extra application so that Instagram can browse and find pictures on your Mac to upload. Go back to Bluestacks App Store and search for a utility called “es file manager”.es file manager
  • Select ES file manager in the App Store and it will file manager mobile 1 storeGo back to your Instagram profile page and select the image or “take photo” button at the bottom.upload imageSelect ES File Explorer.
  • es file managerSelect BST folder.bst folderYou’ll then see your Mac’s image folders. In this case it’s the PhotoBooth folder.folders

Clicking on that gives access to your Pictures folder from which you can upload images to Instagram from your folder

We hope this article has helped you start using Instagram on your Mac.

In summary, we highly recommend Flume Pro as it offers the easiest way to both view and upload photos and videos to Instagram from Mac. As we’ve seen, the alternative is to install Instagram on a Mac but this is complicated and even then, is not guaranteed to work properly especially with new updates to macOS.

If you have any other problems or questions using Instagram on your Mac, let us know in the comments below.

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