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Amazon has announced it will offer a 7 day free trial of its Luna cloud game streaming platform to all Mac users starting on Amazon Prime Day June 21 and June 22.

The offer is limited to anyone with an Amazon Prime account and after the trial has finished, the user can choose to keep their subscription active to a cost of $5,99/month.

Amazon Luna is Amazon’s answer to online gaming platforms such as NVIDIA’s GeForce Now For Mac and the incredibly popular Steam gaming platform.

It differs slightly though in that users are able to subscribe to “bundles” of games via channels.

Amazon will also make it possible to subscribe to other channels such as the Ubisoft+ beta channel, which gives access to a wide range of their studio titles for $14,99/month.

The Luna service will be open to all on Mac, iPhone and iPad but also on Windows and Fire TV.

You can also register for Early Access to Amazon Luna here.

In connection with this offer, Amazon has also announced it will be offering a 30% discount on its own Luna Controller during the same period.

Luna Controller – The best wireless controller for Luna, Amazon’s new cloud gaming service
  • Upgrade your Luna gaming experience - A high-performance controller made for Amazon’s cloud gaming service.
  • Game faster - Connects over wifi to Luna, reducing roundtrip latency by 17 to 30 milliseconds vs. a local Bluetooth connection among Windows PC, Mac, and Fire TV.
  • Pick up and play - Talks directly to the cloud so there’s no need for device-specific setup - easily transition your game from one screen to the next on Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, and select Android phones.
  • Launch Luna games with Alexa – On Fire TV, press and ask Alexa to easily get to your games. Try “Alexa, play 'GRID.'”
  • Built for gaming - Low-friction thumbsticks, a comfortable textured grip, and wireless gameplay running on 2 AA batteries.

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