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The latest version of macOS 14.0 Sonoma has been released publicly by Apple today meaning all Mac users worldwide are now able to update to the new operating system.

You can find out everything that’s new in macOS Sonoma here but it’s important to be aware that one of the biggest changes in macOS 14.0 Sonoma is that it will not support most older Intel Macs.

Sonoma will only work on the latest Apple Silicon Macs with the M1 or M2 chips such as the M2 MacBook Pro and M2 Mac Studio.

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However, a few Intel Macs are still supported.

Specifically, macOS Sonoma will not work on the following Macs:

  • 2017 Intel MacBook Pro
  • 2017 Intel MacBook Air
  • 2017 Intel MacBook (12-Inch)
  • 2017 Intel iMac

However, macOS Sonoma will work on all of the following Macs some of which have Intel chips:

  • MacBook Pro: 2018 and later
  • MacBook Air: 2018 and later
  • Intel Mac mini: 2018 and later
  • iMac: 2019 and later
  • iMac Pro: 2017
  • Mac Studio: 2022 and later
  • Mac Pro: 2019 and later

There is though a way to install Sonoma on unsupported Macs using the OpenCore Legacy Patcher although this is an unofficial method not endorsed by Apple.

Other additions to macOS Sonoma include new interactive desktop widgets, an improved Safari, enhanced screen sharing, predictive inline text and video screensavers.

For developers, macOS Sonoma also features a new Game Porting Kit which will make it easier to port Windows only games that use DirectX 12 to Mac.

You can read more about what’s new in macOS Sonoma here.

You can find instructions how to update a Mac here.

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