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Microsoft Launches Cloud “Windows App” For Macs

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Microsoft has released a new ‘Windows App’ that allows Macs users to stream Windows remotely from the cloud.

The app is basically a reworking of Windows 365 which was announced back in summer 2021 and offers another way for Mac users to use Windows on a Mac.

The new Windows App allows Mac users to stream Windows and access Windows apps without actually having to install Windows on a Mac.

windows app on mac
Windows App on a Mac: Source: Microsoft

This gives Mac users a convenient alternative to installing Windows using a virtual machine on a Mac.

It’s especially good news for Apple Silicon Mac users with the M1, M2 or M3 chip as currently, they can only run Windows ARM.

The new Windows App will allow Apple Silicon Macs to access the standard versions of Windows too.

Although using remote desktop software on a Mac to access a Windows PC is nothing new, the new Windows App should make it much easier and won’t require using a third party remote desktop tool.

The Windows app allows Mac users to instantly connect to the following Microsoft services:

  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Windows 365
  • Microsoft Dev Box
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Other remote Windows based PCs

It will even allow Mac users to use your webcam, speakers and printers with the remote version of Windows.

The new Windows app is also available for iPhone and iPad meaning you’ll be able to use Windows across all Apple devices.

Although accessing Windows in the Cloud will be convenient for Mac users, it will be a far more restricted experience than installing Windows physically on a Mac with a virtual machine.

Using the new Windows App to use resource intensive applications or play Windows only games on a Mac for example probably won’t be great because of the physical and technical limitations of remotely accessing Windows.

At the moment, the new Windows app is only available to business users but it’s likely it will be rolled out to general users soon.

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