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Microsoft has unveiled a new Cloud service which will allow Mac users to use Windows on a Mac in the Cloud.

Windows 365 allows users on other devices such as Macs and iPads to use Windows 10 and Windows 11 online.

The service will be rolled out to Enterprises on August 2nd of this year although a general release to the public has not been announced yet.

Windows 365 has been released shortly before the public release of Microsoft 365 which is the successor to Office 365 and Microsoft Office For Mac 2021.

Windows 365 is similar to Microsoft’s XBox Game Pass which allows Mac users to play XBox games on a Mac.

Windows 365 will give users access to a cloud PC which they can then customize with the amount of RAM (up to 16GB) and storage needed.

You will be able to close down the Cloud version of Windows and pick-up where you left off when you reboot it again much as in the same way as in virtual machines like Parallels.

Initially Windows 365 will only support Windows 10 but it will eventually be possible to upgrade to Windows 11 giving Mac users an easy way to use Windows 11 on a Mac.

At the moment, most Mac users install Windows on a Mac using either Boot Camp or a virtual machine such as Parallels.

Windows 365 will provide another option to use Windows on a Mac although the fact that it’s all Cloud based may raise some security concerns for businesses.

At the moment, pricing for Windows 365 is not clear either but you can read more on the full Windows 365 announcement here.

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  1. Savvas Gavalas

    Shall we have the ability to run MS Project or Visio by that way?

    • MacHow2

      It’s not clear yet exactly which apps you’ll be able to use in Windows 365 but should be clearer when it’s launched on August 2nd.


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