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NinjaTrader is a popular forex trading platform but isn’t available for macOS. However, you can easily run NinjaTrader on a Mac by installing Windows within macOS using Parallels.

Parallels is the best way to run Windows on a Mac because it allows you to switch between Windows and macOS instantly so you get the best of both worlds.

ninjatrader for mac

There are other virtual environments such as VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox but they’re nowhere near as easy to setup and use as Parallels.

We definitely don’t recommend using Windows “wrappers” such as Wine either as it’s very difficult to configure them to work with NinjaTrader and the installation frequently breaks.

We also strongly recommend checking out these excellent alternatives to NinjaTrader for Mac as there’s plenty of trading platforms and software out there that are as good as NinjaTrader on a Mac.

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How To Install NinjaTrader on Mac

To install NinjaTrader 8 on a Mac, you first need to download Parallels.

You can find full instructions how to install Windows 10 for free on a Mac using Parallels here.

Nowadays you can install Windows 10 for free because you don’t need to purchase a license unless you want to remove a watermark and customize the look of it.

When you’ve installed Windows on your Mac, you then need to download NinjaTrader and install it. You will need to enter your email address and NinjaTrader will send you a link to download the Windows version.

Before you install it however, you need to make the following changes in Parallels to make sure that you can drag and drop folders from macOS into Windows.

  • Start Parallels and select your virtual machine
  • Press the “Configure” button on the top
  • Under “Options”, select “Sharing”
  • Uncheck “Share Mac” under “Share Mac User Folders with Windows”
  • Press “OK” and start the virtual machine

You can then go ahead and run the NinjaTrader installer to complete the setup in Windows.

Why Is NinjaTrader Not Available For Mac?

At the moment the developer has no plans to release NinjaTrader For Mac. The usual reason for software not being available on Mac is that the developer feels that the time and investment required in supporting a Mac version simply isn’t worth it considering the relatively small user base compared to Windows.

NinjaTrader requires the .NET Framework to operate and the .NET Framework is only available on Windows and does not work on macOS.

The development team would therefore have to program the product differently to work on Mac which would be a complex and potentially expensive process.

It’s already a challenging job for the NinjaTrader support team to support any problems or issues on Windows so adding macOS to the mix would make it even more difficult.

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  1. smayer97

    The main limitations are for PRO related features, which MOST personal users will never need. This free version is IDENTICAL to v11.5 Standard that used to be PAID product (though it is now updated with new features)… It is NOT a “crippled” or “limited” type product. So to be clear, there are no significant limitations.


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