OmniGraffle stencils are one of the great things about OmniGraffle as they do some of the hard work for you when it comes to designing diagrams. There are stencils for just about everything including network diagrams, UX interfaces, GUIs, org charts or any other diagram you need to create. Although Graffletopia is the biggest source for OmniGraffle templates and stencils, it’s not free. It costs $24 per year but if you need access to lots of different OmniGraffle wireframe stencils, it’s definitely well worth it. However, there are other sources of OmniGraffle server stencils that are absolutely free. Here’s our selection of the very best OmniGraffle stencils and sources for free plus a few other paid options that might interest you. Note that all of these work on both OmniGraffle for Mac and OmniGraffle for iPad.

Best Free And Paid OmniGraffle Stencils And Templates

Graffletopia (Free For One Stencil A Month or $24 per year)

The best source for OmniGraffle stencils is without doubt Graffletopia. Graffletopia is an independent site that has literally hundreds of OmniGraffle stencils including Cisco stencils, database stencils, people stencils and network stencils. Graffletopia is easily the biggest and best source of templates for OmniGraffle and if you can’t find it here, chances are it doesn’t exist. And if you don’t want to pay $24 a year for Graffletopia Pro account, you can download one template a month for free. And if you create and share a Graffletopia stencil with others, you get a free Graffletopia Pro account for one year.

omnigraffle stencils - graffletopia

Stenciltown (Free)

Stencil Town was created by Omnigroup – the developers of OmniGraffle – and is a sort of free version of Graffletopia. It’s more convenient than Graffletopia because it’s accessible from within OmniGraffle and makes it very easy to search and add new stencils. There’s nowhere near as much choice in Stenciltown as there is in Graffletopia but it is growing slowly as users and OmniGroup add to it. Simply search for the type of stencil you’re looking for and download it for free. If you don’t want to pay for Graffletopia, Stenciltown is an excellent alternative.

stenciltown omnigraffle stencils

Konigi (Free/Donation)

Konigi is the official website of designer Michael Angeles who offers a small selection of free OmniGraffle templates for interface design. The stencils include shared layers for basic UX document needs such as title page, wireframes, storyboards etc. Note that to install them, you need to install both the templates in your ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Templates directory and also the Diagram Style which you need to unzip and move to your ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Diagram Styles directory.

free omnigraffle stencils - konigi

ZURB (Free)

ZURB is another design blog that offers several free OmniGraffle stencils. The stencils are for mainly for designing interfaces for iPad and iPhone apps. The design team at ZURB are kindly offering these templates for free to make low-fi wireframing for the iPad and iPhone quicker rather than having to painstakingly sketch them all out by hand. Although the stencils are the copyright of ZURB they are being distributed for free under the MIT license.

free omnigraffle stencils - zurb

CXPartners (Free)

CXPartners is a customer experience consultancy which offers a handful of free OmniGraffle templates for UX design. The wireframe templates and stencils are base styles for use with both OmniGraffle and Powerpoint.omnigraffle stencils free - cxpartners

Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Stencils (Free)

Design and interaction blog Viget offers a free Omnigraffle stencil download of Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. They also still offer a free Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 download.

free twitter bootstrap stencil

Yahoo Design Pattern Library (Free)

Yahoo Design Pattern Library features a comprehensive set of stencils for download for various items including Ad Units, Calendars, Carousels, Charts and Tables, UI Controls, Form Elements and many more.omnigraffle stencils free - yahoo

OmniGraffle GUI Bundle ($97)

OmniGraffle GUI Bundle is a huge collection of OmniGraffle GUI stencils dedicated to creating prototypes for web, mobile and desktop. The bundle allows you to easily create wireframes, mockups and high fidelity prototypes using OmniGraffle and includes over 3000 royalty-free vector shapes and icons created from scratch in OmniGraffle which can be edited and customized without needing additional tools. It also includes UI Kits for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Facebook, Web/SaaS, Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, and Windows 8. OmniGraffle GUI Bundle costs $97 for all 9 UI kits with free lifetime updates and its well worth it if you regularly design interfaces for multiple platforms.omnigraffle gui stencils mac

If you haven’t found the stencils or templates you need here, it’s also worth checking which aggregates a number of sites offering OmniGraffle stencils although many of them have already been covered here.

We hope this has helped you find the right OmniGraffle stencil or template for your needs but if you have any questions or suggestions where to find other stencils, let us know in the comments below.

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