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Omnisend is easily the most user friendly email marketing software for e-commerce based small businesses we've seen. The marketing automation features are some of the best on any platform with highly effective SMS tools. Although it's not the cheapest email marketing tool out there, Omnisend offers an excellent ROI and should see both your open and conversion rates increase.
Product picker makes it easy to add products into campaigns
Very easy to use for such a powerful ecommerce oriented marketing tool
Free for 2000 subscribers or less
Marketing automation workflows are easy to setup
Online support only - no phone support
Limited email customization

Omnisend is a powerful email marketing software that has some of the best e-commerce integration tools we’ve seen. In this Omnisend review we take a closer look at what it can do.

Omnisend started out as an email service provider known as Soundest but is now a comprehensive multi-channel marketing automation platform spanning email, SMS and even MMS messages.

Omnisend Review: Who Is Omnisend For?

Omnisend is an all-in-one email marketing automation software that’s aimed mainly at growing ecommerce brands.

Omnisend has been around since 2014 and has bases in both the USA and UK.

Omnisend doesn’t assume any prior experience with email marketing software and makes it very easy to:

  • Create personalized emails in minutes
  • Automate email marketing campaigns including with SMS and MMS
  • Create attractive and effective landing pages
  • Easy to use workflows thanks to workflow templates and drag & drop automation editor
  • Create pop ups for lead generation
  • Analyze open rates, conversion rates including in real time

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Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend has 3 pricing plans and paying annually saves you 22% compared to paying monthly.

Omnisend is free for up to 500 subscribers or up to 15,000 emails per month but this does not include any email marketing automation tools, SMS features, A/B testing or support.

The Standard plan is $13 per month and includes all automated marketing tools plus SMS messages, A/B testing and support.

However, you also need to buy SMS credits with the Standard Plan If you’re on a Standard plan, or you’re sending more texts than usual, you’ll need to buy SMS credits.

Note that while you can send SMS messages internationally with Omnisend, you can also send MMS messages but only in the USA and Canada.

The Pro Plan is a big step up at $80 per month but includes web push notifications and audience sync for Facebook.

For large Enterprises you can get custom pricing on request.

All users on Pro & Enterprise email plans get free monthly SMS credits equal to the price of their plan.

We recommend going with a Pro plan over Standard plan because the free SMS credits save a lot compared to having to buy SMS credits on top of a subscription.

Having push notifications and priority support from a dedicated customer success manager also make the Pro plans better value for money in the long run.

Migration support from other email marketing platforms is available to those on Pro and Enterprise plans.

Personalized support by a Customer Success manager is available to customers on Pro plans costing more than $400 per month.

You can sign-up for a free trial of Omnisend which allows you to use all the features of the paid plans including SMS, push notifications, Google Customer Match, and Facebook Custom Audiences.

The only limitation of the trial is that on a Pro plan you can only send a maximum of 15K emails/month.

omnisend review - pricing

You can get a better idea of how the features compare in Omnisend below:

omnisend compare

Omnisend Review: Features

The first thing you notice about Omnisend is how clean the interface is and how easy it makes creating your first automated email marketing campaign.

Omnisend has a huge library of professional, tasteful templates that you can customize with your branding. Although we think the customization options could be more flexible, it’s still easy to make attractive, personalized mailouts.

One downside we noticed is that there aren’t many templates with holiday themes in Omnisend so if you’re the type of ecommerce business that relies on seasonal promotions, you may need to create your own templates.

omnisend templates

By simply dragging and dropping the automation workflows you want to setup, you can configure Omnisend to send personalized emails, SMS messages and fully control how your brand communicates.

This includes things such as welcome emails when someone sign-up for your newsletter, order confirmation emails and other specific points in the customer journey cycle.

omnisend automation

You can also segment emails to be sent to certain demographics, device users and target subscribers accurately with personalized messages.

Omnisend even uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make customized proposals to customers based on their past purchasing history.

For maximum impact, there’s a Campaign Booster to help boost your Click Through Rate (CTR) that will resend emails with a different subject line to catch the attention of those who didn’t open your first round of mailshots.

The Content Editor features dynamic content blocks that are designed for eCommerce and you can easily add products from your store with the Product Picker.

The eCommerce integration in Omnisend is second to none and includes seamless integration with platforms including:

  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • Woo Commerce
  • Big Commerce
  • Opencart
  • Enormous Commerce
  • Volusion
  • Magento
  • fPrestashop+

omnisend product picker

To drive sales, you can also send auto-generated discount codes along with other promotional methods such as synced Gift Box or Scratch Card promotions.

Creating pop-ups to capture leads in Omnisend is also very easy thanks to a WYSIWYG editor.

You can customize where on the screen pop-ups appear, when they appear and even create wheel-of-fortune style sign-up forms where customers can win a prize in return for their email address.

Pop-ups look very natural and all you have to do is edit the call to action.

omnisend popup

Monitoring the performance of your campaigns is just as important as putting them together and Omnisend has excellent in-depth reports of CTR, open rates and audience demographics.

You can view conversion rates by message type to see which methods are performing best.

You can also view stats in real time as subscrobers receive and open your mailouts.

omnisend analytics

Omnisend also offers a free subject line tester that’s open to non subscribers too and allows you to assess how effective your email subject headings are.

In terms of support, Omnisend offers live chat and email support but no direct phone line.

However, Pro and Enterprise subscribers get their own personal account manager who will sort out any technical or usability problems you may be having.

Is Omnisend Better Than Mailchimp?

Omnisend is often compared to Mailchimp which is one of the most popular email marketing tools on the market but the fact is, they are quite different products.

Mailchimp is primarily a tool for sending newsletters whereas Omnisend is an all-in-one email marketing automation platform that’s far more powerful.

In our opinion however Mailchimp is increasingly dated nowadays compared to modern email marketing platforms like Omnisend.

In particular, Omnisend offers far more ecommerce features and is easily the best email marketing software for ecommerce we’ve seen.

The segmentation tools in both Mailchimp and Omnisend are quite similar but Omnisend’s automation is far more advanced and easier to use than Mailchimp’s.

In terms of pricing, Omnisend’s Pro plans work out more expensive than Mailchimp but you’re getting a far more powerful tool for your money.

Overall, Omnisend is a far more sophisticated email marketing solution than Mailchimp and it’s hard to make a direct comparison between the two.

omnisend vs mailchimp

Is Omnisend Better Than Klaviyo?

Omnisend and Klaviyo are both similar products with strong e-commerce integrations.

However, we think that Omnisend is much easier to use than Klaviyo which is aimed more at experts in e-commerce email marketing.

Klaviyo is well known for its integration with Shopify but we think Omnisend is on the same level but with the advantage of more e-commerce platform integrations such as Woo Commerce and Big Commerce.

We also think that the email capture options are better in Omnisend than Klaviyo.

Both Klaviyo and Omnisend offer excellent segmentation tool for targeting but Omnisend is far ahead in automation.

The SMS email marketing tools in Omnisend are some of the best in any email marketing solution and we think it has the edge over Klaviyo.

In terms of pricing, Omnisend is also significantly cheaper than Klaviyo with pricing plans starting at $13 per month and $20 per month respectively.

Overall, we think that Omnisend is just as good as Klaviyo but is easier to use and slightly better value for money.

omnisend vs klaviyo

Alternatives To Omnisend

The closest equivalent to Omnisend is Klaviyo. However, as mentioned above Klaviyo is more expensive as it’s aimed more at those with experience in e-commerce email marketing.

It also takes a lot longer to learn and use than Omnisend.

If you don’t need the e-commerce features in Omnisend then Constant Contact is an extremely user friendly alternative that’s focused more on pure email marketing.

Get Response is also another alternative to Omnisend but with more marketing automation features than Constant Contact.

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