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Apple’s release of the eye-popping $699 Mac Pro wheels was one of the most ridiculed of the year which is why OWC has just undercut them by releasing its own OWC Rover Pro wheels for just $199.

The wheels will be released in September and not only save you $500 on the Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit but also have rubber stops for greater stability.

owc rover pro wheels

Other highlights of the OWC Rover Pro include:

  • Rubber wheels to minimize noise and damage to floors
  • Easy click installation with no tools required
  • Stainless steel finish that matches the MacBook Pro
  • 360 degree rotating wheels
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

If you pre-order now you can get the OWC Rover Pro wheels for $199 for delivery in September. After September, they will cost $249.


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2 Responses

  1. Dilbert

    Why do I need wheels for a desktop CPU that need to be connected to cables and stays in one place? It’s a stupid solution to a problem that doesn’t exist

    • MacHow2

      The main market for these wheels are artistic or editing studios that use Mac Pros and need to move around with the machine from time to time. It’s true that most home users however probably don’t need them.


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