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Textografo Review: Diagrams Done Differently

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Textografo is a unique text to diagramming tool. The syntax based approach feels strange at first but if you're looking for a logical, drag and drop free way of flowcharting and diagramming, it's one of the best of its kind.
Unique text to diagraming syntax
Very quick to diagram once mastered
Integration with Confluence & Google Drive
No support for drag and drop
Takes some time to get used to
Pricey compared to other diagram tools

Textografo is a unique flowchart software that uses syntax commands rather than the traditional drag and drop approach of most diagramming tools.

Textografo claims that this makes it “the fastest diagramming tool on the market”.

In this review, we take a closer look at this to text to diagram maker and see how it measures up.

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Features & Functionality

Most diagram software requires you to drag, drop and connect elements in order to draw diagrams such as flowcharts and org charts.

Textografo does things differently. It’s a text-based flowchart maker that requires to you enter a sequence of commands which it then translates into a flowchart.

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Textografo can be used by anyone although it’s generally most popular with business analysts, designers and marketing teams.

Some of the most common reasons people use it are for Process Analysis, Business Operations, Software Development, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service.

Textografo stores everything in the Cloud so teams can easily share and view diagrams. You can also attach virtual post-it notes with comments, thoughts, team instructions and more.

The idea behind this is that it’s both quicker and easier to connect shapes and objects in order to create your diagrams.

There’s no doubt that it takes longer to get up and running with Textografo than normal diagram apps. For a start, you need to know the various syntax needed to create diagrams.

Hashtags such “#circle” are used to create shapes and actions like “#decision” are used for connections.

Everything is typed in the repository in the left hand margin and your diagram appears bit-by-bit in the main canvas on the right.

This definitely takes some getting used to although once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a breeze to use and fast to create flowcharts.

textografo review


There are some other useful touches to Textografo too such as integration with Confluence for smoother workflows and Google Drive for storage.

You can integrate the Textografo API in your own applications to draw within them directly.

Visio Compatibility

Textografo claims to be “40% faster than Visio” when it comes to making flowcharts. This is a bold claim and it really depends on how good you are with the respective apps.

If you’re an expert in Textografo, you can certainly whip-up flowcharts very quickly. But that would take a high level of competancy with the app. However, experienced Visio users will also be able to draw flowcharts very quickly and the actual difference is negligible.

Certainly when it comes to more complex diagrams, Visio would win out as Textografo is nowhere near as advanced or complex.

The other big drawback is that Textografo can’t import or export Visio files. There are far better Visio alternatives for Mac than Textografo which offer much of what Visio does and more.

SmartDraw for example is the best we’ve tried and the only Visio like app on Mac that can export to Visio VSDX format.


The biggest problem we had with Textografo is that you can’t drag or drop anything.

Sometimes, you just want to make a few minor adjustments without having to resort to syntax and it’s frustrating having to go through all the code to work out what needs changing.

However, Textografo is purely syntax based and doesn’t pretend it’s anything else so you either learn to live with this or use a traditional diagram tool instead.

The lack of Visio import too is a problem if you’re looking for something to replace Microsoft’s tool although Textografo is focused more on flowcharting than Visio.

Textografo Pricing

Textografo is available in two plans.

The Essential Plans is $8 per month but only allows up to 5 diagrams and 50 shapes per diagram. It also adds Textografo branding to everything so it’s not practical for professional use.

The Premium Plan is $14 per month and allows unlimited diagrams and unlimited shapes. Other advantages include revision history, SVG export support and 24 hour customer service.



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