TradingView Review 2020: An Amazing Stock Trading Tool
TradingView is the best stock trading tool we've seen for technical analysis on a Mac. Whether you've just started in trading or are a seasoned trader, it's got something for everyone.
  • Easy to visualize stock data
  • Thriving social community
  • Many features free
  • Doesn't allow you to actually trade
  • Multiple charts only in paid versions
95%Overall Score

TradingView is a fantastic visual stock trading resource for traders of all levels. TradingView makes interpreting trading charts accessible to all yet is packed with enough powerful features for experienced pros too.

Best of all, many of the features in TradingView are free to use.

TradingView covers all major trading instruments including stocks, forex trading, cryptos, futures, CFDs and more.

Added to this is a social trading element that enables you to learn, copy and engage with a thriving network of serious traders.

TradingView is in our opinion, the best stock charting tool for Mac for making better decisions and in this review, we take a closer look at what it can do.

Please note that TradingView is not a stock broker. You’ll need to sign-up with a stock trading platform in order to actually trade.


Stock trading isn’t easy but a visual tool like TradingView makes it much easier to visualize information to make better trading decisions.

TradingView was established in 2012 and now has around 7,000,000 users worldwide making it one of the most popular trading tools available for all levels from beginners to experienced traders.

TradingView not only makes it incredibly easy to spot trends and digest complex financial data, but it’s also a fantastic social trading resource with a vibrant community of traders.

tradingview for mac review - charts

In our opinion, TradingView is a much better investment than expensive stock scanning software because its far more effective and gives you much more for your buck.

Even better, the basic stock analysis, research and charting features are free although it’s well worth upgrading for the paid plans to get more real-time information.

Not all data is available or updated in real time in the free version and getting up to date information is crucial to trade successfully.

Note that TradingView is not an actually a stock trading platform although currently, you can link it to some brokerages through an API.  TradingView is mainly a technical analysis tool – you’ll need to sign-up with an actual stock trading platform in order to actually trade.

TradingView Pricing

One of our favorite things about TradingView is that the many features are free. You can freely use TradingView for as long you want, view charts, perform technical analysis.

The free version is ad-supported but you can easily close the ads so they don’t interfere with the overall experience.

However, the major difference between the free version and the paid plans is how quickly the information you’re seeing updates.

The paid plans offer additional data from exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE ARCA, OTC and CME that are updated in real-time. This is absolutely essential if you’re going to trade seriously and make money.

In addition, you can’t interact with other traders in the free version – you have to upgrade to a paid plan to unlock the social features.

There are 3 TradingView paid plans available – Pro, Pro+ and Premium. The Pro plans start at $9.95 per month going up to $39.95 per month for the Premium plan.

The main difference between the plans are things like the number of charts you can have open at any one time, the number of indicators and the number of alerts you can setup.

However, TradingView is currently offering a special offer of 50% off TradingView plans for those that pay with Bitcoin.

You can see a comparison of TradingView plans here.

You can cancel subscriptions at any time and you won’t be penalized.

In the free version, stock price updates and the news feed are on a delay so you’re not going to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on.tradingview pricing plans

Highlights Of TradingView

So apart from it being free, here are some of the other things we really like about TradingView.

  • Superb Charting Features: TradingView is easily the best stock charting tool for Mac we’ve seen. The sheer number of ways you can manipulate, edit and customize charts is truly amazing. All charts on paid plans are in HTML5 so they’re very fast and responsive to work with too. There are a wide range of drawing tools includes in TradingView including Gannt and Elliott Waves plus technical indicators to help you analyze price actions.
  • Stock Screener: You set the criteria and TradingView helps you find the stocks. This makes it extremely easy to find trading instruments based on over 100 different criteria.
  • Alerts: You can set up up to 12 alerts to be displayed on your desktop or even sent to your mobile device when certain trading conditions are met.
  • Watchlists: You can configure watchlists of your favorite currency pairs and see real-time price updates.
  • Paper Trading: TradingView has a virtual trading account which allows you to practice trading without losing any money. If you’re new to trading, we strong recommend doing this first.
  • Coverage: TradingView covers data from Europe, US, Asia, Russia with more than 30,000 trading instruments in over 40 different exchanges. If it’s tradable, it’s probably in TradingView.
  • Social Community: There’s a very active, thriving and knowledgable social community in TradingView that offer tips, advice and trading thoughts for free. You can interact with these traders, ask questions and talk trading tactics to become a better trader.
  • Chart Customization: TradingView has its own programming language Pine which allows you to customize charts to your specific needs. This is an advanced feature but well worth learning Pine for professional traders as it gives you a level of control not normally possible with trading charts.
  • Mobile Apps: There are apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices which allow you to do everything you can on the desktop version plus receive alerts for stock movements.

tradingview mobile

Note that the layout of the mobile app interface is a bit different to the web interface and it can be a bit confusing to set up or find things. You can also use your mobile web browser to access TradingView.

TradingView makes it extremely easy to analyze market fluctuations, chart possible outcomes and spot trends or opportunities. The social aspect also makes it both fun and educational as you can quickly bounce ideas off other traders.

TradingView Downsides

One of the main downsides of TradingView is that it’s not connected to any brokers. To actually trade stocks or forex, you’ll need a seperate brokerage account or trading platform.

However, TradingView does allow other trading platforms to connect to it through the TradingView API. If you’ve already got a broker or are thinking of signingup for one, you should check whether it can connect to the TradingView API.

It’s also quite frustrating that you’re limited to one chart at a time in the Basic free version as having multiple charts open is an essential for serious trading.

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  1. MacHow2

    Yes, TradingView is a great charting platform. Been using it for years on my Mac.

    Just to be sure and clear, you can trade using TradingView as your trading platform, as long as your broker is set up to do so (via the TradingView API). Some include Oanda, CQG, etc. See more here:

    • MacHow2

      We did state in the review that you can use the TradingView API to connect to brokerages but thanks for listing some of the ones it can be used with. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the TradingView website that has a full list of trading platforms that support its API though.

  2. MacHow2

    Not sure why you say communicating with other on TV only is available with the paid services. I have never had trouble connecting with other using the free basic service.

  3. MacHow2

    I just wanted it to be clear that there are already established brokers with which you can use TV to trade.


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