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How To View Visio Files on a Mac For Free

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Although Visio for Mac doesn’t exist, you can easily view the contents of a Visio file on a Mac without Visio, simply by converting them to PDF.

If you don’t want to pay for an alternative to Visio for Mac and don’t need to edit the Visio file, this workaround allows you to view Visio VSDX and VSD files on a Mac for free without having to download anything.

If you need to preserve the file in Visio’s VSD or VSDX format, then you’ll need to use one of these free Visio viewers for Mac instead.

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Follow these instructions to quickly open Visio diagrams for free on any Mac.

  • Go to Zamzar.com and upload the Visio VSDX or VSD file you want to convert from your Mac. You can also choose to upload a file from a URL, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Select “PDF” as the conversion format and click “Convert Now”.

open visio file on mac free - zamzar convert to vsdx to pdf

  • Zamzar will then take a few seconds to convert the file and then allow you to download the converted Visio file in PDF format.

zamzar visio file convert to pdf download

  • You can then open the PDF on your Mac either in your browser or by using Preview to view the Visio diagram.

vsdx converted to pdf on a mac

If you need to edit the Visio diagram in PDF format, then macOS Preview will allow you to do basic editing for free.

However, to edit it properly, you’ll need to use PDF editing software.

Can You Use Microsoft Visio Viewer on a Mac?

Microsoft Visio Viewer is Windows only and only works in Internet Explorer. It cannot be used on a Mac.

The only way for Mac users to use Windows Visio Viewer is to run Windows on a Mac.

Can You Use Visio Online To View Visio Files on a Mac?

You can use the web version of Visio to open Visio files on a Mac but it requires a subscription to Visio Plan 1 for $5 per month with Microsoft 365. You can’t use Visio Online for free to view Visio files.


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