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Among Us isn’t available for Mac but you can still play it by using Parallels to run Windows on your Mac.

Parallels is the best way to run Windows on a Mac and allows you to switch between Windows and macOS instantly.

If you’re a student, you can currently get 50% off Parallels for Mac until November 18th 2020.

Among Us has been around since 2018 but has become an insanely popular party game over the summer as it exploded on Twitch.

Among Us is an online and party game of betrayal based in space for 4-10 players. It’s your job to find out who is the imposter in your crew and vote them out of the game.

It’s available on the Steam gaming platform for Windows, Android and iOS but unfortunately not macOS and there are no plans to release Among Us on Mac.

among us for mac

Although there are various methods of running Windows on a Mac, there are only a few that we can confirm definitely work for playing Among Us which are:

  • Using a virtual environment like Parallels. This allows you to run Windows at the same time as macOS so you can switch between the two at any time. Parallels is our favorite way to run Windows on a Mac an you can read more in our full Parallels for Mac review.
  • Using Bootcamp which allows you to install Windows in a partition on your hard drive. However, this method is less convenient because you can only boot your Mac in either macOS or Windows at one time – you can’t run them both at the same time like with Parallels.
  • There’s also one other option which is to use Bluestacks which is a free Android emulator that allows you to run some apps or games. However, Bluestacks will only allow you to play the Android mobile version on your Mac – you can’t play the full Windows version and you can’t save your progress to carry on playing in the Windows version later. Installing Among Us via Bluestacks also requires a Google account in order to download it from the Google Play store.

bluestacks among us mac

If there are other Windows only applications or games apart from Among Us that you want to use or play, we definitely recommend installing Windows on your Mac.

Having Windows on your Mac is useful because there are still many applications and games that aren’t available on Mac still.

If you just want to play Among Us and don’t mind playing the mobile version, then Bluestacks is probably your best option.

Note that you may currently experience server connectivity issues when playing Among Us. The surge in popularity has obviously strained the capacity of the game’s servers and many users have had problems playing it.

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      Crossover is a Windows compatibility layer based on Wine rather than a virtual environment and We don’t recommend Crossover for playing Among Us because although it can run Steam, not all Steam games run on Mac using it. It doesn’t seem that Among Us works using Crossover on a Mac.


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