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Apple has announced the release of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro – the first addition to the MacBook Pro range in 3 years.

Apple claims the new MacBook Pro is up to 80 percent faster than previous models with a New Magic Keyboard.

The bigger screen will certainly appeal more to gamers and those that use an eGPU on their Mac as VR gaming and apps become more popular on Mac.

Apple says that the new MacBook Pro:

Designed for developers, photographers, filmmakers, scientists, music producers and anyone who relies on a Mac to create their life’s best work.

macbook pro 16 inch release date

Highlights of the new 16 inch MacBook Pro include:

  • The Largest Retina Notebook Display Ever
  • A New Magic Keyboard
  • More Advanced Thermal Design
  • Powerful Processors and Faster Memory
  • Next-Generation Graphics
  • First 8TB Notebook
  • Higher Fidelity Audio Experience
  • macOS, Designed for Pros
  • Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

Pricing and Availability

The 16 inch MacBook Pro will start at $2,399 and is already available through the Apple website and Apple Store app.

Apple says it will be available in Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers in the US later this week and will be coming soon to stores around the world.

You can read more about the new 16 inch MacBook Pro here.

Apple has also announced the release of the new desktop Apple Mac Pro will be in December which you can read about here.

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