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On the same day that Apple announced the release of a new 16 inch MacBook Pro, it also announced the long awaited Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display will be released in December 2019.

The Mac Pro will offer up to 8TB of SDD hard drive storage be the most powerful Mac ever made.

It’s more than enough to handle the need of VR apps and games on Mac meaning there’s no need for an eGPU for your Mac.


apple mac pro release date

The Mac Pro will offer plenty of room for expansion and configuration. It features Xeon processors with up to 28 cores, a massive 1.5TB memory card capacity, eight PCIe expansion slots and what Apple claims is the world’s most powerful graphics card.

The Apple Pro Display XDR meanwhile has a 32-inch Retina 6K display with P3 wide and 10-bit color. It also supports 1,600 nits of peak brightness, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a superwide viewing angle.

The Mac Pro starts at $5,999 for the basic configuration which includes 32GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and a Radeon Pro 570X graphics card.

The XDR 32-inch Apple Pro Display to go with it will start at $4,999.

You can read more about the Mac Pro release here (the press release is actually for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro but details of the Apple Mac Pro release are included at the bottom).

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  1. NC Johnson

    Is there anyone planning to run mechanical CAD programs like SolidWorks on the Mac Pro? Of course it will require a program like Parallels with Windows 10. I am wondering how the graphics card works compared to those tested on the SW website. If I convert to Onshape for (totally in the cloud) CAD, are there any speed advantages to using the Pro over a basic Mac or PC? Assume a 1 Gig internet connection.

    • MacHow2

      If you’re using Onshape then there wouldn’t be any speed advantages as the performance is mainly determined on the server side. There are plenty of other CAD software for Mac however that will work far better on the new Mac Pro.


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