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If you’re looking to trade cryptocurrencies on your Mac, we’ve taken a look at the best cryptocurrency trading exchanges for Mac in 2020.

The demands of cryptocurrency trading are very different from those served by stock trading software or forex trading tools and require specialized exchanges to do it right.

The trading of crypto currencies is considerably more difficult than traditional stocks due to their highly volatile nature

The right crypto platform for you will depend to a large extent on whether you are a beginner or an expert with cryptos.

In the reviews, you’ll find a range of crypto exchanges and trading platforms for all abilities.

We ranked the best crypto platform for Mac was eToro thanks to ease of use for beginners, thriving trading community and unique CopyTrader system.

Be warned that in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, there’s a bigger risk of getting in above your head than trading traditional government issued currency known as fiat currencies.

Before you rush into anything, here’s a few words of advice.

  • Never trade more than you can afford to lose – the most golden rule of all. Your capital is always at risk no matter which platform you choose.
  • No crypto exchange is 100% secure. Crypto exchanges can get hacked or suddenly close down leaving you with nothing. However, eToro now includes it’s own crypto wallet to protect your funds which is more convenient than using a third party wallet. You can check out our guide to the best crypto wallets for mac for some suggestions on how to store your currencies safely in cold or hot wallets.
  • Technical analysis of cryptos is far more difficult than with foreign currencies or traditional stocks due to the volatility of the market. “Pump and Dump” is far more common with cryptos which are basically huge increases in currency values due to buying frenzies or huge “whale” traders followed by dramatic sell-offs. There’s not much you can do to anticipate these but we do recommend the excellent free TradingView which not supports cryptocurrency tracking and analysis tools to help you spot trends sooner rather than later. You can even trade cryptos directly from TradingView nowadays by linking it to a broker that supports cryptocurrencies too.
  • Crypto trading is 24/7. In traditional types of trading, stock and forex exchanges are usually only open during business hours. Cryptocurrencies trade round the clock so don’t underestimate the toll this can take on your nerves and relationships as the temptation to keep checking your Mac or mobile all day (and night) long can be destructive.
  • There is no regulatory framework governing the trading of cryptocurrencies. If you have any problems withdrawing funds or get into a dispute with an exchange, there’s usually very little you can do except wait for their support teams to resolve your issue.
  • All crypto currency exchanges require you to verify your identification. This usually involves sending copies of your ID such as passport, utility bills and other proof of address. This is completely normal and to protect both you and the exchange against fraud.
  • Note that cryptocurrency trading software is different from crypto tickers. There are several crypto tickers for Mac which can be used as desktop widgets to track the price of cryptos but don’t actually allow you to trade. If you need a crypto ticker, we recommend Coin Tick from the Mac App Store.

If you’re in a hurry, below is a side-by-side comparison of our top picks before more detailed reviews.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms For Mac Compared

 eToroIQ OptionCoinbaseBinanceBitfinexKrakenBittrex
Mac Desktop App✔️✔️
BaseUSA/CyprusCyprus/SeychellesUSAMaltaVirgin IslandsUSAUSA
Crypto Wallets✔️
Mobile App✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Multi Cryptocurrency Support✔️✔️Limited✔️✔️Limited✔️
Deposit Insurance✔️
Virtual Trading✔️✔️
Accepts fiat currency✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

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With these tips in mind, here then is a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges for Mac.

1. eToro

eToro has been in the stock market trading game since 2007 and was one of the first platforms to embrace crypto currencies.

It’s also one of the few major stock trading platforms that now allows traders in the USA to trade cryptos.

Users in the USA can now sign-up for a $100,000 virtual portfolio and deposit real US dollars for trading.

At the moment you can trade 15 cryptos on eToro including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and EOS but which is more than enough for those new to cryptocurrency trading to get started.

This range is increasing all the time including the recent introduction of more obscure currencies such as Tezos (XTZ).

best cryptocurrency platform mac - etoro

The great thing about eToro is that not only is it easy enough for literally anyone to use, it also now includes its own crypto wallet.

This means you don’t need to worry about the exchange getting hacked or downloading different wallets for different crypto currencies to keep them safe.

eToro also has a unique “copytrader” system which makes it easy to simply copy successful traders with no experience or effort needed on your part.

In the global version of eToro you can copy anyone in the world although the US version only allows you to copy traders in the US at the moment.

Apart from this, eToro is also just a fun place to hang out, talk to other traders and improve your knowledge of the crazy world of cryptos.

eToro also has a pretty good crypto trading mobile apps giving you a clear overview of your watchlist and allowing you to trade away from your computer.

etoro cryptocurrency mobile app

The main downside at the moment is US users can only trade cryptos and not other stocks or commodities but this restriction is due to be lifted in late 2020.

Users in the USA should check out our eToro USA review for more.

You can sign-up for a free eToro USA demo account to try it for yourself.

Users in other parts of the world should check our eToro review to learn more about that platform.


Extremely easy to use

Available to users in the USA

Copy successful traders automatically

Includes safe crypto wallet

Trusted trading brand since 2007

Free $100,000 virtual trading account


US version limited to just cryptos at the moment

Not available in some US states

2. IQ Option

Not Available In The USA

What we like about IQ Option is that not only does it have an excellent Mac desktop app but it’s a very slick and well organized platform to trade cryptocurrencies on macOS.

IQ Option finds the perfect balance between feeling professional but also being extremely easy to use and intuitive.

IQ Option has been in the trading game since 2013 and now allows you to trade a multitude of crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum and many more.

IQ Option is fully licensed and regulated with a monthly trading volume of some $11 billion.

It has close to 60 million users worldwide and is widely respected as one of the best trading platforms for all types of assets.

IQ Option can be accessed online via your browser but the Mac desktop client is faster and more convenient.

cyryptocurrency trading mac - iq option

The interface on IQ Option is clean and logical providing time-history data and important technical indicators.

At the moment, IQ Option allows you to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Tron, Dash, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Qtum and OmiseGo.

New crytpo currencies will be added depending on their market trading volume and demand.

You can also Short Sell digital assets so that you can benefit from sudden or sharp market movements.

IQ Option withdrawal times are extremely fast taking on average just one day.

IQ Option is easy for newcomers to learn with lots of tutorial videos and there’s a very active community of professional, knowledgeable traders that you can chat directly with and share trading tips.

IQ Option only requires a minimum deposit of $10 to get started which is less than most other trading platforms and you can trade with a minimum of $1.

The maximum deposit possible is $1,000,000 per day and the maximum investment you can make in a trade is $20,000.

There’s no minimum withdrawal requirement although if you deposit through a credit card, you can only withdraw the same amount that that you invested via the card.

However, you can also use an eWallet for withdrawals for which there are no limits.

There’s also an IQ Option mobile app for both iOS and Android and it’s one of the best mobile cryptotrading apps we’ve seen.

iq option for mac

If you have any problems with withdrawing funds or technical problems with the platform itself, Live Chat support is available 24/7 and response times are usually less than a minute.

We also like the fact that there’s no hard sell with IQ Option like there is with some platforms.

It’s quite common to find that when you open an account with a trading platform but don’t deposit anything, you receive cold calls asking why.

This doesn’t seem to be the policy with IQ Option which is a refreshing change and maybe a sign of a company that believes in a product that sells itself.

Unfortunately, IQ Option isn’t available in the USA yet due to regulatory constraints but it can be used in most other parts of the world.

You can open a free $10,000 demo account with IQ Option to find out for yourself.

You can also check out our full IQ Option review for more.


Excellent Mac desktop app

Clean, straightforward interface

Lots of crypto currencies to trade

Fast withdrawal times

Free $10,000 virtual trading account


Not available in the USA

3. Coinbase

Coinbase was one of the first crypto exchanges to get really big in the US and its popularity exploded during the Bitcoin craze.

Coinbase’s popularity is mainly because it’s so easy to use and makes it easy to link and transfer funds from your bank to your Coinbase account.coinbase for mac

One of the unique attractions of Coinbase over other platforms is that funds stored in Coinbase are insured up to $250,000. In the event of Coinbase’s exchange being hacked, you’re deposits are safe although Coinbase stores 98% of client funds offline anyway

Coinbase has a solid reputation and has its own wallet for iPhone and Android which allows you to execute and monitor trades.


Well established and trusted

One of the easiest to use crypto platforms

Deposits are insured

Supports scheduled crypto purchases


Only supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin

Basic compared to other platforms

4. Binance

Binance is your best bet for crypto-to-crypto trading. If a cryptocurrency exists, chances are it’s traded on Binance first. Binance has a huge selection of cryptocurrencies and massive trading volume.

Binance is aimed more at those with some experience of cryptos and so if you’re new to crypto trading, it will feel quite intimidating.

binance exchange

Binance is popular among the blockchain community due to the huge range of cryptos offered and low trading fees. One thing we really like on Binance is that you can set market and limit orders so that you can buy or sell cryptos automatically as soon as a certain price is reached.

The other great thing for Mac users is that Binance is the only reputable cryptocurrency platform that has a dedicated cryptocurrency app for Mac desktops. The app is basically just an interface for the web app but for those that like to use a desktop app instead of a browser, it’s a big plus.

binance for macBinance isn’t an ideal place to start crypto trading but it doesn’t take long to work out how to use it and the enormous range of cryptos make it a powerful crypto trading platform.


Hundreds of cryptocurrencies

Best for crypto-to-crypto trading

Market and limit order support

Mac desktop client


Complicated for beginners

Can’t be linked to your bank account

5. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is the busiest crypto platform out there in terms of volume with more trades than any other exchange. Bitfinex feels like a more polished version of Binance although with fewer cryptos and higher fees.

A unique feature in Bitfinex is support for margin trading with the ability to trade at 3.3x leverage via peer-to-peer margin funding.bitfinex

Binance offers probably the biggest range of order types of any crypto exchange. Like Binance you can set market or limit orders but we also like the fact you can set trailing stops or fill and kill orders as is common in stock trading. There are also algorythmic orders possible including Iceberg orders, One Cancels Other (OCO), Post Only and Hidden Orders.

Binance also offers detailed reports and charts for technical analysis although performing technical analysis on cryptos in general isn’t as reliable as doing it for normal stocks.

There’s also a pretty decent Bitfinex mobile app which allows you to trade on the move. bitfinex mobile



Biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume

Detailed charts and indicators

Lots of order types

Strong technical analysis features and reports


Was hacked in 2016

Lots of fees including for deposits

Not easy for newbies

6. Kraken

One of the main attractions of Kraken is that it supports allows you to exchange most major currencies for cryptos. Kraken supports Euros, Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pound and Japanese Yen.

As a result, it’s the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform for those based in Europe. Kraken claims to be the leading Bitcoin exchange but this is only true in the respect that it’s the largest Euro to Bitcoin trading exchange by volume.

One thing we like about Kraken is that it’s integrated with TradingView which is one of the best technical analysis tools for stock trading.


Another is that Kraken uses SEPA transfers for withdrawals meaning you will get your money within about 2 days – considerably quicker than other crypto platforms which can take weeks. What we also like is that Kraken charge just a few cents for withdrawals while most exchanges can charge commissions of $10 or more.

On the downside, Kraken’s identity authentication procedure can be very time-consuming and limits are placed on trades until verification is complete.

If you’re left hanging during this process or have your application declined, there’s also no phone support with Kraken.


Wide fiat currency support

Biggest trading volume by Euro to Bitcoin


Not very user-friendly

Identity verification takes a while

No phone support

7. Bittrex

Bittrex is a US based crypto platform with a big selection of altcoins, lots of automated features and a user-friendly interface.


One thing we like about Bittrex is that it uses its own custom trading engine which executes trades in real-time which is extremely quick compared to most crypto trading exchanges.

Bittrex is easy to use and has handy automated features such as GTC (Good til cancelled) and IOC (Immediate Or Cancel).

Most recently, Bittrex started accepting fiat currency (USD) for trading pairs although most platforms apart from Binance have supported this for a long time.

Bittrex charges higher trading fees than most other exchanges and there’s no margin trading. Funds can only be withdrawn to a crypto wallet also.


User friendly

Big selection of altcoins

Fast real-time trading engine


High fees

No margin trading

Funds can only be withdrawn to wallets

If you have any questions, suggestions or experiences you’d like to share about the crypto trading platforms featured here, let us know in the comments below.

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