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Corel surprised everyone today by re-releasing CorelDRAW for Mac as part of its 30 year anniversary celebrations.

The last version of CorelDRAW for Mac died back in 2001 and there seemed little prospect of it returning.

However, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac has been built from the bottom up and has all the same functionality and features as the Windows version.

It also supports Mojave, Dark Mode and Touch Bars.

However, it’s not cheap at $669 and nowadays there are still some excellent alternatives to CorelDRAW on Mac which are not only cheaper but arguably better too.

You should also be able to use CorelDRAW with some of the best drawing tablets available for Mac users too.

You can try CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Form Mac 2019 for free although you have to sign-up for a Corel account to use it.

You can also open CorelDRAW files on Mac without CorelDRAW.

coreldraw for mac 2019 released

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3 Responses

  1. JohnGregory Turner

    To followup on my note from yesterday there is now a Corel Draw app available on the App Store with a 15 Day trial. There is a difference between the trial on Corel’s site and the one on the App Store. The App Store version does not have the Font Manager or the Photo Paint components. True it does not produce the warning with Little Snitch which was a relief. That is all I can say that is flattering. They want a 19.95$ a month subscription for the Corel Draw alone! You gotta be kidding me! Less versatility than the one offered on the Corel site and a huge price difference!🤮 I understand subscriptions, but I hate them. QuarKXpress though expensive has no subscription and is truly special, Adobe though they have subscriptions (still with 32BIt components) produces fine products that many of us can potentially afford. But the great news is that Serif is producing Affinity Publisher and Affinity Design that are potentially show stoppers at prices that all of us can afford. The service and design of these apps is totally Mac and is improving every day! Give these a try…fully functional trials available…Little Snitch has no problems with them either.😎.

    Don’t even consider Corel for your work until they correct these issues. There are far better alternatives.

  2. JohnGregory Turner

    I downloaded the app this morning and tried it for a few hours. It is deficient in several major areas. 1) When launched Little Snitch refused to connect it because of Unsigned Certificates and says that the app appears to have been altered. 2) Each and every piece when activated had the same problem. 3) The Font Manager though very attractive and provides every view of any type of Font, does not have an ability to interact with other apps like FontExplorer Pro, Suitcase, RightFont and a host of others. It has no default to launch at startup. When you close to have a list of features of the fonts to show it does a great job. However when you quit the app, or restart the Mac those settings have to be redone. 4) The Photo Paint component does not have an auto-clone feature as does Painter Essentials which is far less expensive. Though it is supposed to use Plug-ins I was surprised to note that it did not recognize the plug-ins available to Painter. May be it is not supposed to it would be great it did. 5) When I got to the Draw app, I soon discovered that it too is nowhere near competitive with many other vector apps.

    All in all this appears to be a very young collection of apps that have potential but it will be a long while before it is ready for prime time. I have now deleted the Collection and all of its archives. At a price near 600$ or a subscription near 17$ a month I am certain that there are other apps that do all of these things for far less and with NO subscription, at a price that mere mortals can afford.


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