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If you can’t wait until an official Mac version is released, you can play Cube World on Mac using this simple, safe and legal workaround. This method requires only three steps and doesn’t involve any fake “Cube World no survey download” sites. Cube World is an action role playing game that combines lots of great RPG elements such as creation, exploration and action inspired by cult classics such as Zelda, Diablo and Minecraft. At the moment, Cube World is only available on PC although the developer Wollay claims eventually it will be released for Mac too. However, the Cube World online shop to purchase it has been offline for some time now and so at the moment, it’s technically not available at all. In the meantime, if you already have a copy of Cube World or are able to purchase it somehow, here’s how to install it on Mac.

Note: This article has been updated since it was originally published when Cube World Alpha was released for PC in 2013.

1. You must first either have the PC version of Cube World (CubeWorld.exe file) or purchase the PC version of Cube World from the official Cube World site.

Important Note: The Cube World shop is currently offline indefinitely. This was done by the developer after repeated denial of service attacks on the Cube World servers. There’s no official way to get the Cube World download until the shop is online again. Do not be fooled by “Cube World Download No Survey” scams which are fake. These sites ask you to fill in a survey to obtain your personal details and then give you a fake or malicious download of Cube World.

2. Download the CrossOver for Mac Demo from the Codeweavers website. CrossOver automatically installs Windows games on Mac. You can use the free demo for 14 days but after that, you’ll need to pay $48 to purchase the full version.

3. Drag CrossOver into your Applications folder and then click option 2 here to install CrossOver via CrossTie. You’ll then be prompted to install Cube World using CrossOver. cube world for mac crossover

CrossOver will then automatically look for the CubeWorld.exe file on your Mac. If it can’t find it, you will be prompted to browse to it using CrossOver so that it can continue with the installation. Just select “Choose Installer File” and browse to the CubeWorld.exe file on your Mac.install cube world on mac From there, CrossOver takes care of the rest of the installation automatically as if it were installing Cube World on a PC.cube world for mac install If you have any problems with this though, follow these installation instructions to install Cube World using Crossover on your Mac:

Note that you will experience bugs and glitches playing Cube World on Mac this way, especially in terms of lag. CrossOver rate Cube World on Mac as “Silver” which means that it installs and runs well enough to be usable but you will experience some problems.

When Will Cube World Be Released On Mac?

There is no release date for Cube World on Mac and don’t hold your breath for one either. Ever since 2013 when Cube World was originally released for PC, the developer Wollay has claimed that he is “planning a version of Cube World for Mac in the future”. As yet, there is still no sign of it and not even the PC version of Cube World has been updated in over a year so it’s unlikely a Mac version will be released anytime soon. Releases of Cube World in general are often surrounded by confusion. It wasn’t clear when the original Cube World Alpha version for PC was in the public domain because a closed Cube World Alpha was released but only to certain gamers such as those at Yogscast. However, they were the lucky ones and part of the deal would was that they had to promise the developer that they would not distribute it although inevitably, in the end versions leaked out unofficially.cube world download mac

What’s Cube World Like?

Even if you’ve never heard of Cube World, if you’re a fan of Minecraft on Mac, it’s definitely worth checking out. Cube World is an interesting mix of various genres and games. The German developer of Cube World “Wollay” says of it:

My inspirations were Minecraft, Zelda, Secret of Mana, Monster Hunter, Diablo, World of Warcraft and many more. My aim was to create an infinite, colorful, procedurally generated world, full of adventures, monsters, and mysteries. The result is Cube World, a voxel-based role-playing game.

Cube World looks very similar to Minecraft and there will inevitably be comparisons. But while Cube World lacks the originality of Minecraft, it’s arguably got more depth because of the various influences cited by the developer and it’s a bit more visually appealing than Minecraft with more pixel dense graphics.

cube world download

Like Minecraft, world’s are randomly generated endlessly and players can generate their own world. Also like Minecraft, there are no borders to Cube World – your imagination is the only limit. There are lots of different landscapes ranging from mountains, caves and rivers to dungeons, temples and even catacombs to explore.

cube world download pc

You can see Cube World in action here:

Cube World: Explorers

And you can read more about all the features in Cube World here. You can also read the old development blog for Cube World here to see how it started and how it developed. You can also join the Cube World forum and follow the Cube World twitter account (which is the developer Wolfram von Funck (Wollay) account if you want the very latest updates although it seems that development of Cube World has ceased for the past year.

If you have any problems or questions running Cube World on Mac, let us know in the comments below.

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