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Microsoft is set to launch a native Mac app for Microsoft Teams later this month meaning Mac users will finally have a native version of Microsoft Teams for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

According to the Petri Microsoft changelog website, the public preview of the Microsoft Teams for Mac will be available sometime later in September 2023.

According to the Microsoft Teams roadmap, a full release to all users is expected in October 2023.

System Admins that are members of Microsoft 365’s public preview and targeted release programs should be able to test the new native client very shortly.

At the moment, the Microsoft Teams app is built on Electron which is simply a layer that works on macOS and other platforms.

Before the Electron app, Mac users had to find workaround to run Microsoft Teams on an M1 or M2 Mac.

A fully native app should give Mac users all the benefits of the Microsoft Teams app for Windows and other platforms. It will also be faster on a Mac, more stable and less memory hogging than the current Electron app.

Microsoft claims the native Teams for Mac app should launch twice as fast as the current Electron version, use 50% less memory and 70% less storage space.

However, Windows Teams app features such as Green Screen, Cameo, and NDI will be missing from the Mac Teams app.

You can find more about the Mac system requirements needed to run the new Microsoft Teams for Mac app here.

The news follows the addition of Spatial Audio to Microsoft Teams for Mac indicating that Microsoft is putting much greater attention on its Mac user base than previously.

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