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Nero For Mac Alternatives: Best DVD Burners For Mac of 2024

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Nero has never been released on Mac so we’ve looked at the best DVD rippers for Mac in 2024 that make excellent alternatives to Nero for Mac.

For performing backups of important files, DVD burning software on Mac is becoming a thing of the past as external hard drives or Cloud storage solutions such as iCloud, DropBox and OneDrive provide a more convenient backup solution.

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However there’s nothing quite like having a hard copy backup and especially if you like to make home movies on your Mac, it’s nice to burn your films onto DVD to share with friends and family.

The problem is that since 2011, Macs don’t even have a DVD drive installed inside them anymore.

However, you can still purchase external DVD drives and Apple SuperDrives which you can connect to your Mac via USB or Thunderbolt connections.

With this in mind, here are the best replacements for Nero on a Mac to burn DVDs.

1. Toast Titanium For Mac (Limited Offer: 20% Off)

Roxio Toast Titanium is easily the closest thing you’ll find to Nero on Mac and the most powerful DVD ripper for Mac users.

It works on all the latest versions of macOS including macOS Sonoma and Ventura.

It’s also one of the only CD and DVD burning software that is compatible with the latest Apple Silicon Macs with the M1, M2 and M3 chips.

Roxio Toast Titanium used to be a basic DVD burning software but as DVD burning becomes gradually obsolete, it has evolved to become a “multimedia suite” and DVD burner for Mac.

The latest version of Toast Titanium 18 is now particularly aimed at those that want to burn home movies to DVD as it even includes a basic video editor but it’s also a very robust DVD backup solution too.best dvd ripper mac - toast titanium

The most popular things people use Toast Titanium for Mac are:

  • Capturing home video from camcorders, web and other DVDs
  • Basic video editing with the Toast Slice feature
  • DVD authoring i.e. creating DVD menus, titles, chapters etc
  • Converting video to view on phones and other mobile devices
  • Sharing home movies and edited videos to social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Backing up data with Roxio Secure Burn

Roxio Toast Titanium for Mac supports the burning of not just DVDs but also CDs and HD/Blu-ray discs on the Mac (Blu-ray burning however requires purchasing a $20 plugin for Toast Titanium or upgrading to Titanium Pro).

Probably the most common reason people use Toast Titanium on Mac for is for burning movies and Toast helps you to create professional DVDs with titles and menus via the Toast MyDVD tool.

You can also perform basic video editing using Toast meaning if you don’t need anything too advanced, you can import, edit and export your home movies using Toast Titanium and nothing else.

You can edit using the Toast Slice feature which allows basic editing and adding of crossfades, transitions, titles and music soundtracks:

nero for mac alternative - toast slice

You can then create menus using Toast MyDVD. ToastMyDVD is very similar to the tools offered in Apple’s old iDVD software and makes it pretty easy to create DVD menus for your home movies:

nero for mac - toast-mydvd

If you want to capture and burn videos from the web or to edit into your home movies, you can also automatically retrieve video from the web such as YouTube videos and burn them to disc instantly.

Likewise, you can turn your own home movies and videos into a smaller web friendly format that you can upload and share to YouTube and other sites.

If you like to create screen casts or want to record screen activity for a video tutorial or to import into a home movie, Toast Titanium for Mac can also be used for this too.

toast titanium mac screen recording

This has recently been improved with a multi-cam feature which allows you to stream and record video from webcams.

This could potentially be used as a home CCTV recording network although without motion sensors, you’re better off using proper security cameras and software on your Mac.

toast titanium mac multicam capture

Even if you never use it for DVD burning, Toast Titanium is a very good video conversion tool supporting conversion to formats as diverse as TiVoToGo and EyeTV and exporting video for iPod, PSP, mobile devices etc.

Most major device formats are supported in Toast Titanium for Mac making it easy to import and export from a wide range of formats:

toast titanium mac convert files

However, it’s important to note that although Toast Titanium supports the 64-bit requirements of macOS 10.15 Catalina and Big Sur so it no longer recognizes high resolution codecs.

This is a problem if you want to export from video editing software such as Final Cut Pro to ProRes422 as Toast can only burn using the .264 codec which results in very poor quality video.

As a result, if you need to burn very high resolution DVDs or BluRay discs using your Mac, Toast Titanium – including the Pro version – can’t do it.

Another popular use of Toast Titanium for Mac is cloning DVDs (although you must own the copyright to a DVD in order to clone it and commercial DVDs often have protection on to prevent illegal copying).

If you want to clone home movies such as wedding DVDs or holiday films, you can easily do so in Toast Titanium for Mac:

toast titanium mac copy discs

Finally, when your home videos are ready or you’ve edited clips that you want to share, you can export directly to your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you simply want to use Toast as a backup tool, backing up data using Toast is fairly simple.

You can either do it via the Data tab in the main menu or drag and drop files into Toast to backup.

toast titanium mac backup dvd

One thing you have to be careful when creating DVD data backups is to make sure it can be read by Windows PCs as well as Macs.

Toast allows you to select whether you want a DVD that’s in a Mac only or PC & Mac format.

You can also choose to create Photo Discs that automatically generate a slideshow as soon as you put them in DVD drive.

toast titanium mac disc compatibility

One nice added touch is that you can add a password to your DVD backups so that no one can read the contents without the password.

toast titanium backup dvd password

Finally, one other useful feature is DVD recovery. If a DVD is damaged or unplayable, Toast may be able to repair the DVD on your Mac. In our experience, this doesn’t often work but it depends on the damage to the disc.

If the DVD is physically damaged, there’s less chance of it working but if the data has become damaged or corrupted, it may be able to repair the DVD on your Mac:

toast dvd recovery mac

Overall, Toast Titanium for Mac is about as good as it gets when it comes to DVD authoring on Mac. It’s certainly still the best DVD ripper for Mac on the market in 2019.

Roxio Toast Titanium is currently 20% off and although its still one of the most expensive burning tools for Mac, you’re not just getting a DVD burning software.

You’re also getting a DVD authoring suite, video converter and basic video editor in one so it’s definitely worth it.

As the DVD burning market shrinks, there is very little decent DVD burning software on Mac. Toast Titanium is easily the best one for Mac but below is an overview of other DVD burning software for Mac including two “Lite” version of Toast Titanium – Toast Burn and Toast DVD.

2. Toast Burn

Toast Burn is the “Lite” version of Roxio Toast Titanium and is strictly for data backups so it’s definitely not comparable to Nero.

For instance, Toast Burn is no good for creating video DVDs or authoring DVDs as it does not support creating Menus, Chapters, video conversions and generally lacks all of the more powerful features of Toast Titanium.

It’s purely for burning data backups although for video DVD creation, copying and authoring, you can also download Toast DVD for another $19.99 (see review below).

If you just need to burn a CD or DVD (Blu-ray disc burning requires purchasing an extra plugin) or backup your photos to DVD, Toast Burn is fine.

One handy feature is that even if the file is too big to fit on one DVD, Toast Burn supports multi-disc spanning which means it will burn the data across multiple discs. It also supports encryption and compression of data before burning.

toast burn for mac

3. Toast DVD

If all you need to do is burn or clone a DVD on Mac, then Toast DVD is fine. However, it’s very basic but supports PAL and NTSC. There’s no DVD authoring tools to create titles or menus – it’s purely for burning a video DVD to disc.

Toast DVD can is ideal to burn final movies to disc although if you’re serious about DVD authoring and creation, you’re much better off getting Toast Titanium for Mac.

nero mac alternative - toast dvd

4. NTIDragonBurn

NTIDragonBurn for Mac (formerly Dragon Burn for Mac) is another basic DVD burner but it hasn’t been updated in years.

Opinions vary on whether it’s worth the $31.99 upgrade cost but you can try it free 10 times for yourself before you have to upgrade.

It claims to even burn BluRay discs on Mac at no extra costs although many users find this doesn’t work properly. In addition, burning is quite awkward – you have to click several times before you get anywhere near burning the disc.

Our advice is stay away from this one.

ntidragon burn

5. Burn

Burn for Mac is a basic and easy to use free burning tool which burns copies of CDs, MP3s discs, VideoCDs, DVD Videos and DivX DVDs. It can also convert videos into different formats.

Burn is extremely basic but we’ve used it to perform simple burning tasks like burning an ISO on Mac if you want to install Windows on Mac with Boot Camp.

Burn is easy to use, creates hybrid discs which can be read on both Windows PCs and Macs, and burns pretty much anything.

However, Burn for Mac is definitely not a complete replacement for Nero. It’s very basic and lacks features such as Blu-ray burning, format presets for TiVo, mobile device support and social network integration.

Unfortunately, it seems development of Burn has gone very quiet in recent years and although it officially works on OS X 10.3.9 or higher and in our tests, it definitely work at least up to OS X 10.8 Lion.

However, there’s no official support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks or above although users have reported it does work on it but with instability issues.

burn for mac

6. SimplyBurns

SimplyBurns is a popular free burning software for Mac that can burn data onto CD or DVD. SimplyBurns is a favorite with many long-term Mac users due to its ease of use, simplicity, ability to burn most things and of course, it’s completely free to use.

SimplyBurns claims to work on OS X 10.4 Tiger and above although development is limited and it doesn’t work well with the latest versions of macOS.

simply burns mac

7. LiquidCD

Despite the name, Liquid CD burns both CDs and DVDs. You can burn hybrid discs – i.e. those that work on both Windows and Mac and is particularly useful for burning raw VIDEO-TS files from DVDs.

You can even preview DVDs you’re about to burn in LiquidCD. If you’re still using OS X 10.4 Tiger, you can download LiquidCD here. Note that development of LiquidCD is now limited and although it officially supports OS X 10.5 or above, it is extremely unstable on OS X 10.7 Lion and above.

liquidcd mac

8. iDVD

iDVD is Apple’s old burning software for Mac and was last updated in 2010. For those on older Macs, it’s still technically possible to use it but it’s really not recommended.

iDVD is extremely easy to use and fully integrated with iMovie although it can’t burn as much as Nero. It’s mainly suitable for burning QuickTime Movies, MP3s, Photos and authoring your own DVD menus for movies made in iMovie.

iDVD used to be part of Apple’s iLIfe package and from 2011, was included with all new Macs.

Note that there has never been an iDVD download available nor has it ever been available in the Mac App Store.

iDVD is now discontinued although you can still get iDVD if you buy the boxed version of iLife ’11.

idvd mac

DVD Burning Tips On Macs

First, a couple of important things to consider before choosing DVD burning software on Mac.

  • Avoid Free DVD Burners on Mac

If you’ve ever used DVD burning software, you’ll know that burning software can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming to use sometimes.

This is particularly the case with cheap or free DVD burning software for Mac because they often tend to fail to execute the burning process quickly or successfully.

In addition, the development of most free DVD software for Mac has been abandoned meaning they do not work with the latest versions of OS X.

DVD burner software in general is actually pretty complex stuff and the problem is that if a DVD disc fails to burn first time (which is very common with free DVD burning software) it can be ruined and un-writable meaning you end up wasting not only DVDs bit valuable time too.

Anyone that’s used Apple’s old iDVD burning software for example will testify to how frustrating it can be to have the DVD burner hang, crash or fail to write data for no apparent reason.

We therefore strongly recommend paying for the best DVD burning software for Mac you can afford as it will definitely save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

The Toast range of DVD burning software in particular is easily the most reliable and effective DVD burning software we’ve tried on Mac. It’s also compatible with the latest versions of OS X including OS X 10.11 El Capitan and OS X 10.12 Sierra.

  • Get A DVD Burning Drive

To use any of these DVD burning software for Mac, you’ll need to make sure your Mac either has a DVD burner installed or that you have an external DVD burner.

Apple began phasing out the Mac SuperDrive in 2011 and the second generation MacBook Pro from 2012 was the last Mac to have a SuperDrive installed. However, you can still purchase an external Apple SuperDrive to connect to your Mac:

Or you can connect a generic external DVD burner to your Mac:

Note that it’s not possible to install Nero on Mac by installing Windows on your Mac first. Nero is unable to detect either a Mac SuperDrive or an external DVD or CD burner on Mac.

As long as you’ve got either a SuperDrive or DVD burner connected to your Mac, all you need then is one of the Mac DVD burning software solutions featured here. Here is the best DVD burning software for Mac that are excellent equivalents to Nero on Mac.


As we’ve seen, there’ still only one serious DVD ripping software that can compare to Nero on Mac and that’s Roxio Toast Titanium which remains the best DVD burning software for Mac by a long way.

The market for DVD software is obviously very limited nowadays but if you’re into home movie making or want a physical backup solution beyond an external hard drive or cloud backup, don’t look any further than Roxio Toast.

It’s definitely the closest equivalent to Nero in terms of features and embracing the latest formats with the added bonus that it doesn’t feel like the bloated monster that Nero has become on Windows.

It’s reliable, updated for the latest versions of macOS and will save you a lot of stress trying to get free solutions to work.

The main downside is that it doesn’t support high resolution codecs for burning high quality DVDs or BluRay discs.

If you have any other questions, problems or issues with burning software on Mac, let us know in the comments below.


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